23 Zero Peregrine Pro 270 6 Arm Awning, OVERLAND AWNING,

The Peregrine Pro 270 Degree 6 Arm Awning has been added to 23 Zero’s 270° series of awnings – It now provides even more shelter at the rear which is ideal for tail kitchen set-ups. Its freestanding design offers 129 square feet of coverage, spans 20 feet along the length of a vehicle and is the best choice for vehicles or trailers with barn or side-opening rear doors. 

Designed for fast and seamless, single person deployment and pack down, it guarantees instant protection from the elements. Now with new aluminum box truss rafter arms ensuring outstanding stability and confidence. The arms include integrated telescopic poles for added support in windy conditions. 

Another new feature is the triangular pass-through opening in the rear ceiling, designed for rear facing rooftop tent owners. This innovative addition allows for deployment of the awning and entry to your RTT at the same time. Ideal for adventurers, it simplifies movement and maximizes functionality.

23 Zero Peregrine Pro 270 6 Arm Awning, Overland awnings, overland, overland gear,

The Peregrine Pro 270 Degree 6-Arm Awning includes their new sustainable ECO13B fabric which is 100% certified recycled 900D Polyester Oxford and is produced using recycled PET bottles – to be more precise, 13 PET bottles are used in one square meter of fabric. This results in huge energy savings as well as significantly less petroleum and chemical use during fiber production to bring sustainability to our industry – it’s good for the environment while getting you out in the environment! 

23 Zero Peregrine Pro 270 6 Arm Awning, overland awning, 23 zero,

It also includes 23 Zero’s revolutionary LST™ (light suppression technology) feature which reduces light penetration maintaining cooler temperatures underneath the awning and providing exceptional UV protection and shade.

The Peregrine Pro 270 Degree 6-Arm Awning has integrated diffused LED lighting with three color settings and a built-in pocket for a USB power pack and cord storage. Others features include a movable front or rear weather skirt, reinforced tie-off points for rainwater run-off and integrated aluminum rope tracks for accessory attachment.


A three-piece wall kit for enhanced coverage and privacy will become available later in 2024 offering additional shelter and versatility to your outdoor arrangement. Ideal for those seeking extra protection from the elements or more privacy at their campsite.

This awning is built to be robust and lightweight at 55lbs and is available in left and right-side deployment options. 23 Zero has also released a PRO version of their 5-Arm 270° awning which is a better choice for vehicles with a rear hatch door. Level up your overland experience with the Peregrine Pro 270° 6-Arm Awning – a testament to 23 Zero’s ‘Made Better’ principles.

Peregrin Pro 270 Degree 6 Arm Awning MSRP: $1199

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