Overland Tundra by WolfPac Outdoors – “Hi! My name is Austin. I’m a Fire Fighter, Entrepreneur, and independent creator with a lifelong interest in Off-road Adventure and Overlanding. My wife and I started this build to help our immune compromised child experience more than a hospital room or the walls of our home. With sporadic and frequent hospital visits or wanting to adventure for a weekend, it became too difficult to find a hotel room, then decontaminate it to the level we needed it to be. This build provides the perfect “safe and clean” environment for our situation. We started YouTube as a project to share our overlanding enthusiasm and help you level up your Gear, Vehicle, and Adventure while having fun and saving you money along the way.”


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Raised in beautiful but rainy England, Andy moved to the sunny climes of Southern California in 1995 and hasn’t looked back since. Two and half decades working in the outdoor, bike and surf industries has given him a thirst for adventure and living life without a ceiling. When not working on the website, he can be found surfing Californian beaches, or in remote mountain or desert areas, either primitive camping, mountain biking or embarking upon vehicle assisted adventure in the backcountry with one of The Adventure Portal rigs.