Nothing seems to say I’m an Overlander more than a vehicle sporting a ROOF TOP TENT (RTT) atop. We’ve been using them on our rigs and trailers for years and have had great experiences with quite a few brands. They’re not for everyone, but what you lose in MPG, wind noise, and higher center of gravity, you gain in comfort, speed of set up and “overlanding status”. (We all know that looks count!) The following RTT Gear Guide does not reflect TAP’s personal preferences or opinions. It is simply a comprehensive look at what soft and hard shell styles and brands are currently on the market in the USA. If you’re in the market for a roof top tent, then hopefully this will help your search.


23Zero Roof top tent on lexyThe 23 Zero roof top tent gives you the freedom and confidence to tackle the outdoors. It’s heritage spans from two of the most outdoor oriented counties in the world; Australia and the USA. Whether your journey takes you to the desert, along the coast, up mountains or along that new trail you have been wanting to explore, this beautifully finished tent, made from a tough ripstop polycotton canvas, ensures you will stay comfortable and dry. The closed cell mattress will make your night sleep a dream or you can spend your evening watching the stars go by, looking out the sky window. The included annex has a unique removable and adjustable floor, with a height adjustment from 68” to 82” to allow for larger vehicles or uneven ground.  Other features include an 82″sliding alloy ladder, and a covered aluminum internal frame that pivots on a stainless steel yoke for extra strength and reduced weight. Its sturdy aluminum base is filled with a hi-density polystyrene foam that provides extra strength and insulation. This tent even comes with a snow pole kit!  It fits most roof racks and comes complete with fitting kit, guy ropes, window stays, and instructions.

RTT Style Price Size Closed Size Open Sleeping Capacity Weight Annex Included
 Byron RTT   $1,950.00  48″W x72″L x15.5″H  96″W x 72″L x 49″H  3-4 150 lbs yes
 Litchfield Roof Top Tent  $1475.00  48″W x56″L x14.5″H  56″W x 96″L x 49″H  3  135 lbs yes


A James Baroud roof top tent on a Toyota 4Runner owned by American landscape photographer, Adam Schallau.
A James Baroud roof top tent on a Toyota 4Runner owned by American landscape photographer, Adam Schallau.

James Baroud is a European company dedicated to outdoor adventure and 4WD travel. Our tents are crafted in Portugal and are offered in the United States. James Baroud is known world-wide for the highest quality rooftop tents at affordable prices. We offer hard shell and soft shell rooftop tents and accessories ready for any adventure. They are built to exacting ISO world standards and underline everything you would expect from a quality European build. All our tents offer window designs that provide wrap-around screens as well as complete 360 degree panoramic views. They also feature a gas strut system allowing the tents to be closed with less effort. Our tent models are available in XXL size which gives each tent an additional 10” in width and additional 10” in length. The ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and quality construction make these tents the head of the class!             908-387-6701

RTT Style


Hard top

Price Size Closed Size Open Sleeping Capacity Weight Annex Included
 Discovery  see dealer   55″ x 79″x 13″ (WxLxH)   55″ x 79″x 44″ (WxLxH)  2 150 lbs  no
 Extreme  see dealer  55″ x 79″x 13″ (WxLxH)  55″ x 79″x 44″ (WxLxH)  2 150 lbs   no
 Space  see dealer   55″ x 79″x 13″ (WxLxH)   55″ x 79″x 52″rear-22″ front (WxLxH)  2   150 lbs  no
 Explorer  see dealer   55″ x 79″x 13″ (WxLxH)   55″ x 79″x 38″ (WxLxH)  2 150 lbs  no
 Grand Raid Evolution  see dealer 64.5″ x 89.5″x 13″ (WxLxH)   64.5″ x 89.5″x 44″ (WxLxH)  3 150 lbs  no
 Evasion  see dealer   55″ x 79″x 13″ (WxLxH)   55″ x 79″x 36″ (WxLxH)  2 150 lbs  no
 soft top            no
 Nomad 160 see dealer   62″x46″x13″ (WxLxH)   88″x59″x42″ (WxLxH)  2  125 lbs  no
 Horizon Vision  see dealer   59.10″ x 43.30″x 9.10″ (WxLxH)   59″ x 86.60″x 47.2″ (WxLxH)  2  110 lbs  no



You have discovered the best made roof top tent in the World. For more than 25 years, Eezi-Awn Roof  Top Tents have travelled the far reaches of this globe. They have decades of proven experience on every major continent, and have withstood the most extreme elements. From -50F of the Arctic Ocean, to +120F of the Sahara and Central America, Eezi-Awn has performed. If you plan to travel, Eezi-Awn will exceed the standards you demand. Equipt Expedition Outfitters is located in both Salt Lake City UT and  Prescott AZ.  [email protected]       866-703-1026

RTT Style Price Size Closed Size Open Sleeping Capacity Weight Annex Included
Series 3 1200   $2,145.00 48″L x 48″W x 11″H   96″ Lx 48″W x 51″H   2 110 lbs no
 Series 3 1400 $2,385.00  48″L x 55″W x 11″H   96″L x 55″W x 51″H  2 128 lbs no
 Series 3 1600   $2,485.00   48″L x 63″W x 11″H 96″L x 63″W x 51″H 2 plus child   149 lbs no
 Series 3 1800 $2,710.00   48″L x 71″W x 11″H 96″L x 71″W x 51″H 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 small children 172 lbs no
 Series 3 Family $3,380.00   48″L x 87″W x 11″H 96″L x 87″W x 51″H  4 adults 215 lbs no
 XKLUSIV T-Top 1400   $3,330.00   48″L x 55″W x 11″H   96″L x 55″W x 51″H  2 adults 192 lbs yes
 XKLUSIV T-Top 1600   $3,505.00   48″L x 63″W x 11″H   96″L x 63″W x 51″H  2 plus child 205 lbs yes
 XKLUSIV T-Top 1800 $3,905.00   48″L x 71″W x 11″H   96″L x 71″W x 51″H 2 adults 2 children  220 lbs yes
 XKLUSIV T-Top Family $4,900.00   48″L x 87″W x 11″H   96″L x 87″W x 51″H 4 on upper level and 4 on lower level 255 lbs yes-two
Jazz $1,870.00   48″L x 55″W x 11″H   96″L x 55″W x 51″H 2 110 lbs no
Globe Trotter Trailer Tent   $3,800.00   83″L x 59″W x 8″H  not listed 4 180 lbs yes



Bundutec proudly introduces the world’s 1st all aluminum electric roof top tent. Newly introduced in the USA, Bundutec’s all-aluminum electric roof top tent has been leading the way in luxury, high end, roof top tents  throughout South Africa since 2010. The advantage of this Roof Top Tent, is not only the rugged aluminum hard shell but it opens and closes with the push of a button! Setting up takes less than 1 minute!  The light weight, all aluminum construction offers great durability and is perfect for any vehicle or trailer roof rack. The RipStop fabric and rubberized screen provides years of protection from the elements. Zippered openings on all 4 sides gives great ventilation and makes for a perfect game viewing platform. The rain fly self-deploys automatically when raising and lowering the top. This RTT features 12V operation with easy push button controls, four sided entry and ventilation, an interior overhead light, an interior outlet and dual USB port and more! We guarantee high quality and provide a two year warranty.   [email protected]

RTT Style Price Size Closed Size Open Sleeping Capacity Weight Annex Included
Bundutop $3,250.00  83″Wx53″Lx12″H  83″Wx53″Lx40″H 2 140 no


TUFF-STUFF-ROOFTOP-TENT-2The Tuff Stuff Roof Top Tent is designed to provide the ultimate comfort, ease and convenience when traveling to the most secluded camping locations. Our roof top tent can unfold in minutes with little to no effort, and takes no tools to setup. All bedding can be stored inside the folding tent to free up valuable storage in your vehicle. The Tuff Stuff roof top tent includes a thick foam sleeping mat pre-installed. The sleeping area is more than large enough for 2  adults, and the annex  can accommodate a queen size mattress, mat, folding cot or a small dining table and  chairs. The retractable ladder can also be folded away for increased space inside the annex.   866-220-0171

RTT Style Price Size Closed Size Open   Sleeping Capacity Weight Annex Included
Tuff Stuff Overland  RTT and Annex Room $1199.00   56″Wx48″Lx14″H 56″W x 132″L x  52″H 2+ 132 lbs yes



Tired of lack luster weekends, bad hotels and limited sleeping accommodations? Plan your next weekend getaway with an easy to use Roof Top Tent from Cascadia Vehicle Tents.  Our Roof Top Tents are made of the finest materials and workmanship in the industry. Some of this year’s upgrades on the Summit Series include: heavier fabric, waterproof mattress cover, condensation mat, LED lighting with dimmer switch, two usb ports, outside shoe racks, and more. Mother nature is no match for our sturdy weather tight Roof Top Tents.  Sleep safe and sound above mud, rocks, dirt, critters and never wake up in a pool of water again.  Free up space in your vehicle, as bedding can be stored permanently in your Roof Top Tent.  Wake up feeling fresh and alive after a comfortable night sleep on a high-density foam mattress standard in every Cascadia Vehicle Tent! Our tents are lightweight and can be mounted on any car, truck, SUV or trailer.   541-312-8368    [email protected]

RTT Style Price Size Closed Size Open Sleeping Capacity Weight Annex Included
Mt. Bachelor Standard $995.00

 56×48″x15.5″ (WxLxH)

 56″x96″50″(WxLxH) 1-2 120 lbs yes
  Mt. Bachelor Extended $1,095.00   48″x48″x15.5″(WxLxH)   48″x132″40″(WxLxH) 1-2 not listed  yes
  Mt. Shasta Standard $1,295.00 56″x48″x15.5″(WxLxH)   56″x132″x50″(WxLxH) 2+  125 lbs yes
Mt.Rainier Standard $1,595.00  72″x48″x15.5″(WxLxH)  72″x132″x50″(WxLxH) 3+ 150 lbs  yes
Mt. Shasta Extended  $1,595.00  56×48″x15.5″ (WxLxH) 56″x132″x50″(WxLxH) 2+ not listed yes
 Mt. Bachelor Standard Sumit Series  $1,595.00 48″x48″x15.5″(WxLxH) 48″x132″40″(WxLxH) 1-2 not listed yes
Mt. Bachelor Extended Sumit Series $1,595.00 48″x48″x15.5″(WxLxH) 48″x132″40″(WxLxH) 1-2 not listed yes
Mt.Rainier Extended $1895.00 72″x48″x15.5 (WxLxH)  56″x132″x50″ (WxLxH) 3+ not listed yes
 Mt. Shasta Standard Summit Series $1895.00  56×48″x15.5″ (WxLxH)  56″x132″x50″(WxLxH) 2+ 125 lbs  yes
 Mt. Denali Standard $2095.00 87″x48″x15.5″ (WxLxH)  87″x132″x50″(WxLxH) 4+ 186 lbs yes
Mt. Shasta Extended Summit Series $2195.00   56×48″x15.5″ (WxLxH)  56″x132″x50″(WxLxH) 2+  not listed yes
Mt. Rainier Standard Summit Series $2195.00 48″x48″x15.5″(WxLxH)  72″x132″x50″(WxLxH) 3+ 150 lbs yes
Mt. Denali Extended $2295.00  87″x48″x15.5″ (WxLxH)  87″x132″x50″(WxLxH) 4+ 186 lbs yes
Mt. Rainier Extended Summit Series $2495.00 72″x48″x15.5″(WxLxH)  72″x132″x50″(WxLxH) 3+  not listed yes
Mt. Denali Standard Summit series $2695.00 87″x48″x15.5″ (WxLxH)  87″x132″x50″(WxLxH) 4+ 186 lbs  yes
Mt. Denali Extended Summit series $2895.00 87″x48″x15.5″ (WxLxH)   87″x132″x50″(WxLxH) 4+  not listed  yes


treelineRTTOur third generation of Treeline Outdoors Roof Top Tents consists of an exciting, patent pending new design created exclusively by Treeline Outdoors. Designed and built according to our specifications, the new curved design reduces weight, improves water shedding and increases aerodynamics. All of our tents are now Solar Ready, designed to seamlessly integrate with numerous solar products made by Goal Zero. They’ve also got  oversized awning windows that campers can roll up for unrestricted views. Other exciting details and updates include rainfly skylights, utility storage bags, a hi-tech Diamond Ripstop rainfly and an all new lightweight aluminum honeycomb base; the strongest and most durable tent base on the market (all models except Lodgepole). As always, the tents set up and take down in minutes and come with a built-in, cloth covered, condensation-proof, high density, foam mattress that can stay inside the tent during travel.  [email protected]

RTT Style Price Size Closed Size Open Sleeping Capacity Weight Annex Included
Lodgepole $1,699.00 49″x56″x12″ 122″x56″x50″ 2 107 lbs no
Tamarack $2,099.00 49″x56″x12″ 122″x56″x50″ 2 97 lbs no
Tamarack Constellation $2,399.00 49″x56″x12″ 122″x56″x50″ 2 97 lbs no
Redwood $2,799.00 49″x88″x12″ 122″x88″x50″ 4-5 person 173  lbs no

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 11.20.35 AM


Back in the 70’s when 4WD’s were few and far between, three adventure seeking mates got their ‘off road thrill’ with customized Volkswagen Beetles supped up as beach buggies. In 1973, with little more than their combined initials, shared passion and appreciation for quality products – TJM was founded and the rest is history. They were pioneers and TJM became the first company in Australia to manufacture and distribute quality 4WD equipment.The TJM roof top tents and awnings are ready within minutes, so you can relax and enjoy the outdoors. There are certainly benefits to be enjoyed from high-set camping, TJM style. The views are better, less sand gets transported into your tent and there’s extra security, which let’s face it, can make for a more restful night’s sleep. Manufactured from durable high quality poly/cotton breathable fabric, your mould and waterproof TJM roof top tent fits neatly onto the roof of your 4×4. A sturdy aluminum retractable ladder allows for easy access. You don’t even need to worry about inflating air mattresses as it comes with a 65mm high-density foam mattress with a removable cover. With fully screened windows and doors, it incorporates a pull-out veranda and optional zip-on annex.    888-909-4856

RTT Style Price Size Closed Size Open Sleeping Capacity Weight Annex Included
 Boulia $849.00 47”W x 55”L x 11”H 94.5″Wx55″Lx51″H up to 300 lbs 112 No
Yulara $899.99 47”W x 55”L x 11”H 126″Wx55″Lx51″H up to 300 lbs 115 No

 Roof Top Tent Tepui logo

At Tepui Tents adventure is our profession and life is our passion. Based out of Santa Cruz, California we are an enthusiastic outdoor adventure company that offers the highest quality roof top camping tents available.We are always exploring new trails and testing all of our products so we know first-hand that you will not find a better tent for your rig. From off-road warriors out at the Baja 1000 to families out at the lake we have something for everyone. Our unique roof top tents allow you to head out on your next adventure in comfort (with a little something to brag about!) And whether you’ve purchased a tent already or just rented a Tepui for the weekend, we know you’ll be 100% satisfied. We are focused on improving our products and services and are always making changes based on loyal customer feedback, so please feel free to contact us with your ideas, comments or suggestions!Our roof top tents are made with the most durable rip-stop, waterproof materials that will stand up to the most extreme conditions. They easily mount directly to your roof rack or aftermarket roof bars and can be fully setup in just a few minutes. We have many different models to ensure you find the right Tepui for you.   800-301-9874    [email protected]

RTT Style Price Size Closed Size Open Sleeping Capacity Weight Annex Included
Gran Sabana “Great Savanna” $1,950.00 72″Wx48″Lx12″H 72″Wx122″Lx52″H 4 150:180 lbs w/annex yes
 Gran Sabana “Great Savanna” Siberian Camo $2,100.00 72″Wx48″Lx12″H 72″Wx122″Lx52″H 4 150:180 lbs w/annex yes
Kukenam XL Ruggedized $2,100.00 72″Wx48″Lx12″H 72″Wx96″Lx52″H 4 210 lbs w/o annex no
Kukenam Ruggedized $1,650.00 56″Wx48″Lx12″H 56″Wx96″Lx52″H 3 180lb no
Kuenam Sky $1350.oo 56″Wx48″Lx12″H 56″Wx96″Lx50″H 3 130 lbs w/annex yes
Kukenam Camo $1,200.00 56″Wx48″Lx12″H 56″Wx96″Lx52″H 3  130 lbs no
Kukenam Siberian Camo $1,200.00 56″Wx48″Lx12″H 56″x96″x52″(WxLxH) 3 130 lbs no
Ayer $895.00 48″Wx42″Lx11″H 48″Wx84″Lx39″H 2 115 lbs no
Autana Sky $1,800.00 56″Wx48″Lx12″H 56″Wx122″Lx52″H 3 130:150 lbs w/annex yes
Autana Siberian Camo $1,675.00 56″x48″x12″ (WxLxH) 56″x122″x52″(WxLxH) 3  130:150 lbs w/annex yes
Autana Ruggedized $2,125.00 56″Wx48″Lx12″H 56″Wx122″Lx52″H 3 195 lbs w/annex yes

Adventure Sole RT Logo


Adventure Sole Roof Top Tents are the epitome of outdoor life style–rugged, hardworking, and innovative. Based out of Spokane WA, Adventure Sole RT values quality, affordability, safety, America, and some good clean fun (or dirty, if you’re off roadin!).    Our roof top tents were designed after Adventure Sole RT noticed a void in the outdoor world, not to mention a few close encounters with a bull moose. So while other roof top tents exist, Adventure Sole RT’s are a cut above the rest. Crafted with quality and an attention to detail, the Echo and Bravo Series roof top tents are packed with value and are largely less painful on your pocket book than other brands.    509-768-2522

RTT Style Price Size Closed Size Open Sleeping Capacity Weight Annex Included
Bravo RT: S-Series $894.99 48″W x42″Lx12″H  48″Wx84″Lx42″H 2+ 96 lbs optional
Bravo RT: M-Series $1,074.99 56″Wx48″Lx12″H 56″Wx96″Lx48″H 3+ 120 lbs optional
Bravo RT: G-Series $1,449.99 76″Wx48″Lx12″H 76″Wx96″Lx48″H 4+ 150 lbs optional
Echo RT: S-Series $1,049.99 48″Wx42″Lx12″H 48″Wx112″Lx42″H 2+ 100 lbs yes
Echo RT: M-Series $1,299.99 56″Wx48″Lx12″H 56″Wx123″Lx48″H 3+ 130 lbs yes
Echo RT: G-Series $1,549.99 76″Wx48″Lx12″H 76″Wx123″Lx48″H 4+ 165 lbs yes


Photo MaggiolinaAutoHome is the first name in roof top shelters. We have been building, testing, using, and constantly innovating our roof top tents – and ONLY roof top tents – for over 50 years. Our tents have been used worldwide for many years, in all climates – from the arctic to the tropics. We know what it takes to keep you safe and comfortable in any weather. We bring this expertise to every customer, helping you choose the right shelter for you, your family and for the journey. Many try to copy AutoHome tents… but they cannot match the quality, experience or commitment to service.  888-852-2359  [email protected]

RTT Style Price Size Closed Size Open Sleeping Capacity Weight Annex Included
Columbus Small not listed 51″Wx82.5″Lx11.8″H 51″W x82.5″L x59″H 2 adults 125 lbs no
Columbus Medium not listed 57″Wx82.5Lx59″H 57″Wx82.5Lx59″H 2 adults and 1 child 141 lbs no
Columbus Large not listed 63″W x84.6″Lx11.8″H 63″Wx84.6″x63″H 2 adults and 2 children  not listed not listed
Air Top Small white $2899.00 black $3099.00 51″Wx83″Lx13″H 51″Wx83″Lx37″H 2 adults 119 lbs no
Air Top Medium white $3299.00 black $3699.00 57″Wx83″Lx13″H 57″Wx83″Lx37″H 2 adults and 1 child 130 lbs no
Maggiolina Grand Tour Small $2,899.00 51″Wx82.75″Lx14″H 51″Wx82.75″Lx38″H 2 adults 123 lbs no
  Maggiolina Grand Tour Medium $3,399.00 57″ x 82-3/4″x 14″ (WxLxH) 57″x82-3/4″x38″ (WxLxH) 2 adults and 1 child  132 lbs no
  Maggiolina Grand Tour Large $3,599.00 63″ x 84-3/4″x 14″ (WxLxH) 63″x84-3/4″x38″ (WxLxH) 2 adults and 2 children  154 lbs no
  Maggiolina AirLand Small $2,499.00 51″ x 83″x 12″ (WxLxH) 51″ x 83″x 36″ (WxLxH) 2 adults 119 lbs no
  Maggiolina AirLand Medium $2,999.00 57″ x 83″x 12″ (WxLxH) 57″ x 83″x 36″ (WxLxH) 2 adults and 1 child 128 lbs no
Maggiolina AirLand Large $3,199.00 63″ x 85″x 12″ (WxLxH) 63″ x 85″x 36″ (WxLxH) 2 adults and 2 children 150 lbs no
Maggiolina AirLand Small XL $3,299.00 51″ x 91″x 12″ (WxLxH) 51″ x 91″x 36″ (WxLxH 2 adults 125 lbs no
  Maggiolina AirLand Large XL $3,499.00 57″ x 91″x12″ (WxLxH) 57″ x 91″x 36″ (WxLxH) 2 adults and 1 child 137 lbs no
  Maggiolina Extreme Small $3,099.00 51″ x 83″x 13″ (WxLxH) 51″ x 83″ x 34″ (WxLxH) 2 adults 143 lbs no
 Maggiolina Extreme Small-Black Storm $3,399.00 51″ x 83″x 13″ (WxLxH) 51″ x 83″ x 34″ (WxLxH) 2 adults    143 lbs no
 Maggiolina Extreme Medium $3,699.00 57″ x 83″x 32″ (WxLxH) 57″ x 83″ x 34″ (WxLxH) 2 adults and 1 child 154 lbs no
  Maggiolina Extreme Medium-Black Storm $3,999.00 57″ x 83″x 32″ (WxLxH) 57″ x 83″ x 34″ (WxLxH) 2 adults and 1 child 154 lbs  no
  Maggiolina Grand Tour Small $2,899.00 51″ x 82-3/4″x 14″ (WxLxH) 51″x82-3/4″x38″ (WxLxH) 2 adults 123 lbs no
  Maggiolina Grand Tour Medium $3,399.00 57″ x 82-3/4″x 14″ (WxLxH)  57″x82-3/4″x38″ (WxLxH) 2 adults and 1 child 132 lbs no
  Maggiolina Grand Tour large $3,599.00 63″ x 84-3/4″x 14″ (WxLxH) 63″x84-3/4″x38″ (WxLxH) 2 adults and 2 children  154 lbs no
  Maggiolina Carbon Fiber small $4,999.00 51″ x 83″x 12″ (WxLxH) 51″ x 83″x 36″ (WxLxH) 2 adults  97 lbs  no
  Maggiolina Carbon Fiber medium $5,999.00 57″ x 83″x 12″ (WxLxH) 57″ x 91″x 36″ (WxLxH) 2 adults and 1 child 101 lbs  no

roof top tent buyers guide

roof top tentComfortable off-the-ground camping ready in no time! Since originating in Europe over five decades ago, the idea of camping on car roofs has come a long way. Gordigear spearheads this development with its latest product range of roof top tents and matching accessories. We offer various rooftop tent models to satisfy the needs of a diverse client base, such as professional photographers and documentary film makers, 4WD clubs, fishermen, market exhibitors and outdoor sports fanatics. Of course we also cater to recreational camping enthusiasts who simply value professional equipment without the price tag. Gordigear car/truck/van etc. roof top tents represent easy camping with a comfortable bed away from home. They set up in minutes and provide sheltered and safe sleeping up off the ground. Setting up camp is a breeze – simply unfold the tent and you are ready for a good night’s sleep (all your bedding can be stored inside the tent). The next morning, your tent simply folds together in an instant and you are ready to go. Gordigear only manufactures vehicle roof top tents, car awnings, trailer tents and related items. This allows us to maintain full control of the production process, from product development through to quality control. Most importantly, it enables us to dedicate time for customer service after the sale. We know our products and are renowned for looking after our clients and we are very confident that we have the right rooftop tent for you! Should you have any questions regarding Gordigear equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are a brick and mortar company so feel free to visit us at your convenience for a product inspection or to talk with us. Please feel free to contact us for answers to any questions you may have… we are here to help!  602-321-9503

RTT Style Price Size Closed Size Open Sleeping Capacity Weight Annex Included
Explorer  $1150.oo 47″Wx55″Lx14″H  94.5″Wx55Lx51″H up to 660 lbs 106 lbs no
 Explorer Plus $1420.00 47″Wx55″Lx14″H 126″Wx55″Lx51″H 2 adults 108 lbs no
 Explorer Plus Wide $1690.00 47″Wx65″Lx14″H 126″Wx65″Lx51″H 3 adults 139 lbs no


roof top tent buyers guide
The ARB Simpson Series III

ARB Roof Top Tents integrate an updated design with new materials for better strength, rigidity and water resistance. Manufactured from high quality poly/cotton fabric and  an Oxford polyester flysheet, our roof top tents are easily mounted to ARB’s purpose designed roof rack, or suitably load-rated Thule or Rhino roof bars. A retractable aluminum ladder makes getting into bed a trouble free event. Anodized aluminum components improve corrosion resistance and appearance, while a high density foam mattress (with removable cover) ensures you’ll sleep soundly. And don’t worry about the bed bugs biting, ARB Roof Top Tents come with insect screened windows and doors.Our new Kakadu model tent is a new addition to our successful range of ARB Touring products. It has been designed for simple set up in warm climates where maximum ventilation is required. This tent is ideal for fitment to the rear of utility/pick-up vehicles and trailers where the floor level can be mounted lower to the ground with no access issues to the tent. For increased ventilation, the Kakadu features larger side window openings without the canvas awning over the window exterior. This allows for greater air flow through the tent but also increased view and natural light. Internal canvas shutters are still fitted to seal the windows during inclement weather. To provide rain cover to the window, the fly sheet has been extended and provides more protection to the entire tent.    [email protected]

RTT Style Price Size Closed Size Open Sleeping Capacity Weight Annex Included
 Kadaku   $1,499.00   55″x47.25″x8″ (WxLxH) 55″x94.5″x51″ (WxLxH)  2 adults 1 child 130 lbs no
 Series III Simpson $1,522.83 52″Wx60″Lx13H  not listed not listed 175 lbs no


Bigfoot Roof Top Tents are the, “auto & truck camper’s dream come true”. We combine the best, top quality materials and craftsmanship in order to bring you Roof Top Tent features that will support any car camping adventure you can dream up. Our Bigfoot Roof Top Tents will add thrill and comfort to your outings and help create great camping memories. Car or Truck Auto Tents mean no more fumbling with tent poles in the dark, or tent blowouts as in a standard camping tent. Raccoons, scorpions, tarantulas or even mosquitoes won’t cause you ill. Simply put, Bigfoot Rooftop Tents give you more freedom to camp and more confidence in what you do no matter where you do it. Your camping experience will fare well with the comfort, convenience and protection of our New or Used RTT Bigfoot Roof Top Tents. roof-top-tent-bigfoot-overland  Our Roof Top Tents come in all shapes and sizes to fit any vehicle.  We can create a tent for any car or truck.  We have multiple full service facilities creating every type of roof top tent you can imagine.  Like with anything there are different levels of experience.  Usually you get what you pay for and some of us like comfort even when experiencing nature.  The only way to turn your car or truck’s roof rack into an R.V is a Roof Top Tent.  We offer free “to your curb” shipping and we cover all sales tax, making a purchase with us easy and affordable.                 877-311-6911

RTT Style Price Size Closed Size Open Sleeping Capacity Weight Annex Included
  Large RTT-Bigfoot Quick Tent Extreme   $1,476.00   56″x46″x13″(WxLxH)   56″x122″x50″(WxLxH)  not listed  116 lbs no
  RTT-Quick Car Top Tent-Ranger Series   $1,576.00 56″x46″x13″(WxLxH) 56″x122″x50″(WxLxH)  not listed 116 lbs no
Explorer SeriesHard Shell RTT  $2,599.00   51″x85″x12″(WxLxH)   51″x85″x39″(WxLxH)  2 adults and 1 child   119 lbs no



SmittyBilt_Overlander Tent_CampingSet up camp in minutes with Smittybilt’s Overlander Roof Top Tent, with waterproof construction, mesh windows for ventilation, internal LED Lighting, USB charging port, 12V power adapter, external shoe bag and a wide aluminum ladder as standard features. Smittybilt Overlander Tent is designed to mount easily on your stock roof rack system or on an aftermarket rack/crossbar system. The Smittybilt Overlander Tent weights only 118 lbs, so it can be mounted to most rack systems. Generally, most OE roof racks will have a capacity of 100-200lbs while vehicle is in motion(dynamic rating). However, when the vehicle is parked and you are utilizing your Smittybilt Overlander Tent, you are applying a static load which is easier to support and most rack systems can generally handle this static load with ease. Always check with the manufacturer of your vehicle and your roof rack system to determine the applicable weight limitations as they vary from vehicle to vehicle.                      888-717-5797

RTT Style Price Size Closed Size Open Sleeping Capacity Weight Annex Included
 Overlander  $849.99 59” W x 49” L x 13” H 98” W x 59” L x 51” H          2 Adults 118 lbs optional


Hinterland InduIMG_8774stries was created out of 20 years of experience and innovation. They manufacture everything from custom off-road trailers to custom off-road capable parts for Land Cruisers. Hinterland Industries personally test their products by running the Rubicon every year in one of their custom Land Cruisers. They have taken their passion for getting off the grid expedition style one step further by introducing their new line of roof top tents. Their tents are made of 400g waterproof canvas and 1” aluminum poles with aluminum alloy joints at all locations. Their tents have 304 stainless steel hinges and welded 304 stainless mounting brackets for the sliding aluminum ladder. The tents come with a 3” thick mattress for added comfort and they offer free shipping on tents shipped to freight terminals or business addresses for the lower 48.     805-714-8414

RTT Style Price Size Closed Size Open Sleeping Capacity Weight Annex Included
Rincon  $1,999.00 56″wide x 48″long x 15.5″tall  56″wide x 132″long x 50″ tall 3+ 130 lbs no
RinconCT $2,099.00 56″wide x 48″long x15.5″tall 56″wide x 132″long x 50″ tall 3+ 130 lbs  no
Jalama $1,899.00 56″wide x 48″long x 15.5″tall 56″wide x 96″long x 50″ tall 3+ 130 lbs  no
JalamaCT $1,999.00 56″wide x 48″long x 15.5″tall 56″wide x 96″long x 50″ tall 3+ 130 lbs  no

Front Runner - Brand Mark Lock Up-black logoroof top tent

Front Runner’s secret recipe: Take a handful of friends who are engineers, designers, outdoor enthusiasts and professional off-road drivers. Add a shared history of adventures into the wilds of Africa spanning 40 yrs. Toss them all into a factory in South Africa with the very latest technology and materials. Let them dream, design, build test, sell, travel, and evolve for 15 years as they grow to become the world’s premiere outfitting company. Our roof top tent is built to last. It can be mounted on most vehicles to open out over the rear or to open over either side of the vehicle. This tent is the lowest profile roof top tent on the market and only weighs 88 lbs.  866-840-0321

RTT Style Price Size Closed Size Open Sleeping Capacity Weight Annex Included
 Front Runner RTT  $995.00  49″L x 53″W x 7.87″H 55Lx 134″W x55″H               2+ 88 lbs no

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 12.11.17 PM


Welcome to Odin Designs, a company nestled against the Rockies in Colorado. Our passion for camping and adventure has led us to designing roof top tents that would hold up to the harsh environment of the mountains and allow us to camp, hunt, and fish year round. But we are never satisfied and are always trying to improve the camping experience.  The type E roof top tent is our most popular roof top tent. With the included annex and  3 ft. extension you will have enough room to fully stand up, change, cook, or even shower. With both the type S and Type E tents you will be able to sleep comfortably every night with the included 2.5 inch high density foam mattress.  When you wake up in the morning, don’t worry about rolling up your sleeping bag, just fold it up in the tent.  Our tents easily set up in 5 minutes with a take down time of 7 minutes.  They come with a heavy duty telescoping ladder that reaches up to 8.5 feet, removing the need to buy extensions for lifted vehicles.  Upgrade to the Series II and get YKK zippers so you will never have to struggle with opening up the door or one of the 3 windows while your hands are cold. Our Series II tents also come with skylights, so you can stargaze from the comfort of your sleeping bag , as well as many other upgrades.  We provide free shipping to the lower 48 and a lifetime warranty.  We are a company that prides ourselves on providing great customer service.  We love hearing your feedback, so if you have any ideas, send us an email, find us on facebook, instagram, or pinterest or even just give us a call 720-722-4077.  [email protected]

RTT Style Price Size Closed Size Open Sleeping Capacity Weight Annex Included
Type S Series I  $1,295.00 48″Wx48″Lx12″H 48″Wx122″Lx52″H  2 125 lbs yes
Type S Series II $1,495.00 56″Wx48″Lx12″H 56″Wx122″Lx52″H 3 125 lbs yes
Type E Series I  $1,995.00 56″Wx48″Lx12″H 56″Wx122″Lx52″H 3 125 lbs yes
Type E Series II $2,195.00 76″Wx48″Lx12″H 76″Wx122″Lx52″H 4 125 lbs  yes

logoHowling Moon

Howling Moon is the largest premier manufacturer of African-style roof top tents, and the No.1 choice for virtually every safari company and 4 x 4 rental outfitter in Southern Africa. Howling Moon designs have been much copied and never equaled for their materials choice and build quality, and their attention to detail and design. Howling Moon features the best fabric available, made in South Africa, and with every other component being made entirely in-house.  480-968-9689

RTT Style Price Size Closed  Size Open     Sleeping Capacity Weight Annex Included
 Classic RTT 1.4m $2,091.67  55″Wx94.5″ L not listed  2 not listed No

Roofnest Eagle in the Colorado National Monument.

Roofnest roof top tents are made to be simple, dependable, convenient, and comfortable. Our vision is to put a Roofnest on everyone’s vehicle. We cater to everyone from the weekend warrior, driving the family grocery-getter, to the hard-core overlander with a 10” lift and locking hubs. To achieve this vision we’ve stripped our tents down to the essentials and sell directly to our customers in order to keep overhead and costs low. We want our tents to be every bit as dependable and comfortable as the larger brands at a fraction of the cost and we think we’ve achieved this goal.

Please check out our website or contact us and see if you agree. [email protected]  303-909-4542

RTT Style Price Size Closed Size Open Sleeping Capacity Weight Annex Included
Sparrow   $2,095.00  83″L x 48″W  x 11″H  83″L x 48″W x 36″H  2 adults 120 lbs no
 Eagle  $2295.00  85″L x 57″W x 11.5″H  85″L x 57″W x 37″H  2 adults +1 child  135 lbs no
Sparrow X   $2,395.00  83L x 48″W  x 12″H  83″L x 48″W x 36″H  2 adults 145 lbs no
Sparrow I   $1,995.00  83″L x 48″W  x 11″H  83″L x 48″W x 44″H  2 adults 120 lbs no
 Eagle I  $2195.00  85″L x 57″W x 11.5″H  85″L x 57″W x 45″H  2 adults +1 child  135 lbs no

Source Information and photos: Brands
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