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There’s no denying that life’s greatest memories are made when you take the path less traveled to explore the great unknown and discover places that truly change you. It’s what inspired Winnebago® to lead the pack in bringing you a wide range of options for off-road, off-grid travel. These are the RVs that come together to create their Backcountry Series. Each one includes their own approach to the six essentials needed to confidently and comfortably immerse yourself in epic backcountry adventures, including:







Revel, winnebago, adventure van, overland van, van life,

The Winnebago Revel:

The Revel® is the ultimate turn-key adventure van. It’s built on the robust AWD Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis with adventure- ready exterior accessories and features Winnebago’s Power Max system to deliver up to 7 days of off-grid power. The comfortable interior sleeps two and adapts to work, rest, or play.

  • Off-road ready with serious ground clearance, AWD and rugged tires that love tough terrain.
  • Lithionics GTO battery and the Winnebago by EcoFlow Power Hub Pro.
  • Dual alternator with high-speed charging optimizes energy for driving, idle, shore an solar power.
  • Roof rack, plus innovative interior gear storage to fit all your stuff.
  • Versatile layouts for comfort and convenience.
  • Industry leading 35-gallon water storage.
Revel, winnebago, adventure van, overland van, van life,

The Winnebago EKKO:

The EKKO is ideal for backcountry explorers who need more space. In the sweet spot between a camper van and Class C coach, it sleeps up to 5 and unites efficiency and off-road capability creating a whole new category of RV. Work, play, cook, eat, sleep or just kick back, you have the space to do it all.

  • Elevated ground clearance, AWD and rugged tires to take on the terrain.
  • Ample sleeping space for family adventures.
  • Multi-functional layout adapts to work or play.
  • Full-width gear garage for all your stuff.
  • Enclosed water tanks and lines.
  • Indoor and outdoor spaces to come together.
Revel, winnebago, adventure van, overland van, van life,

The Winnebago Solis:

For adventure (and budget) loving families, the Solis® camper van is just right. It sleeps up to 4 with a pop-top for extra space and fabulous view. Interior seating adjusts for hanging out or catching z’s. In addition to off-road, off grid essentials, solar power is built into the pop-top for a fun look that’s ultra functional.

  • Performance wheels, all-terrain tires, and factory-installed SuperSprings® SumoSprings® suspension to tackle the tougher trails (on the Solis NPF 59P).
  • Multiple power sources to keep you running off-grid
  • Versatile space with flexible layouts to accommodate what you need.
  • Ample storage, including the SmartspaceTMoverland drawer system (on the Solis NPF 59P).
  • Room to gather inside and out.
  • Eco-HotTM water system with a simplified water panel, including easy-to-read freshwater tank sight glass.
Revel, winnebago, adventure van, overland van, van life,

While each of these backcountry RVs are unique, they all have what you need to be daring and comfortable at the same time. So, if you’re craving a life of off-leash adventure, start by exploring the Winnebago Backcountry Series to find which one best suits you. These trusted RVs are ready to take you boldly (and comfortably) into the unknown. Over and over.

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