TAP loves Moab UT.  It’s a beautiful area to get outside and play.  You’ve got Arches National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park, bike tours, astronomy groups in the evening, off-roading tours and more. Speaking of off-roading, we found this business called Coyote Adventure Safari and checked it out on-line.  Coyote Adventure Safari and Coyote Land Tours are run by John Marshall.  John is a certified Off -Road Driving Instructor (I4WDTA), is an Advanced level Emergency Medical Technician, a Certified U.S. Marshal’s Desert Tracker, and has over 30 years off-road experience. TAP gave John a call and this is what he told us about his business.


Can you give TAP an overview of your business? In most of our daily lives we have slowly become detached from our basic human desire to explore. We find ourselves making countless excuses for not grabbing the “adventure tiger” by the tail. We make excuses such as,  “The kids are too young.” or “I’ve just started a new job.”,  only to find ourselves another year older and more set in our ways. These excuses may be somewhat valid but still, they are excuses and not reasons. I see countless SUVs blanketing the city streets and highways, all looking shiny and oh so sad. These vehicles were designed to take their drivers camping, fishing and yes…..exploring. But somehow, most never leave the perceived safety of the pavement. This is where Coyote Adventure Safari comes in. We offer multi-day off-road 4 wheel drive training trips with people just like you in mind. Everyone from first time off-roaders and weekend warriors to the trail savvy veterans will benefit under the expert guidance of our certified off-road instructors.

Where are you located?  We are Located in Beautiful Moab, Utah in the heart of Red Rock country. This area is home to more than 5,000 miles of trails that all scream ADVENTURE. Every type and scale of terrain can be found here, from well maintained dirt roads to trails that seem nearly impossible to traverse.

What services do Coyote Adventure Safari offer?  Coyote Adventure Safari offers both single and multi-day off-road training trips that can be custom tailored to meet your individual training goals.  We also offer fantastic Multi-day Expedition style trips. This true adventure trek is designed as a training expedition for the off-roader looking for a real backcountry experience. You will travel through some of the most remote regions of desert in North America as you learn everything from proper driving techniques to manifold cooking, to navigational skills and vehicle recovery. This dynamic training experience will leave you with a greater understanding of the “Big Picture” of expedition adventures. You are encouraged to bring your own vehicle or a Jeep rental can be arranged for your adventure.




Who goes on your single and multi-day expeditions?  Our clients have ranged from complete novices to veteran off-roaders. Our customers have included the U.S. Army Special Forces, professional race car drivers and law enforcement, as well as the weekend warriors. Because we can customize our training to fit individual needs, we truly offer something for everyone.


​How long have you been in business?  Coyote Land Tours was started back in 2002 offering scenic adventures in the Moab area.  In 2008, Coyote Adventure Safari was conceived. It has quickly grown to become the premier off-road training company in southern Utah. Combining the daily tours and off-road training classes, Coyote has completed nearly 2,000 trips into the backcountry over the last decade.


What was your motivation for starting this type of  business?  Our never ending quest for adventure was the driving force behind the creation of Coyote Adventure Safari. As lead guide and owner, I feel quite blessed to be able to make a living doing what I love. Being able to share my passion for desert exploration with others is truly exciting. It is a wonderful feeling to see students gain the confidence needed to venture out on their own and develop the required skills needed to experience some truly amazing wilderness.


What makes Coyote Adventure Safari stand out?  I have always run both Coyote Land Tours and Coyote Adventure Safari as if all of our customers were friends and family. My biggest source of customers has always been direct referrals from other customers and guests. That’s how family works. I believe that if you treat every customer with the respect they deserve, they will in turn continue to spread the word.


Going to Moab? Contact Coyote Adventure Safari and TAP into Adventure!

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Coyote Adventure Safari
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TAP Note: THANKS John Marshall for a great article and
Chris Conrad Photographer for amazing photosTAP_coyote_adventure_safari24





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