Expedition Rove – Traveling the World in a Land Rover Defender 110

Andy and Mary Hannah (“MH”) of Expedition Rove have managed to transform a standard Defender 110 into their dream home-on-wheels and are now exploring the world in it.Since their first roadtrip together in 2015, they’ve taken on the USA, the Pan-American, the Arctic Circle, and Europe and they’re just getting started. Africa, Alaska, Asia – you name it, it’s on their list. And, they invite you to follow along on the adventure of a lifetime.

As their trips have progressed and their travel style has evolved, so has their build. In 2021, after spending 5 weeks in the freezing temperatures of the Arctic without a diesel heater, the pair decided it was time for a big change. The following 6 months they worked to convert their Defender into their dream camper. 

Since then, their Defender Camper build has been getting a lot of attention and not just because of its bright orange color. The build is incredibly practical and has allowed their pair to go further and stay longer than any of their previous setups thanks to everything they’ve been able to pack into the build. A few highlights:

  • Induction cooking powered by their 420 watts of solar on the roof and their 240Ah lithium battery bank – with options to cook both inside and outside
  • Their water filtration system that allows them to fill up their 65L tank from rivers and streams
  • A kitchen complete with a sink and running water, and a 55L fridge with an ice maker
  • Sleeping for up to 4 thanks to their pop-top roof conversion and a slide out bed platform 

Check out the video for the full build specs. 

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