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TAP’s founders started their personal overland journey back in 2007 in a Four Wheel Campers Hawk/Tundra combo, so their’s a special affinity with the iconic brand. That said, it was great to receive the following information on all the new exciting updates coming in 2024.

Products evolve based on the availability of new technology, changing consumer preferences, and new ideas. Improvement ideas come from dealers, customers, prospective customers, and employees. These new products and features from partners like Dakota Lithium, Redarc, Victron, and Truma are the result of Four Wheel Campers crew listening and innovating. 

Truma Furnace and Water Heater:

Truma furnaces and water heaters are known for industry-leading reliability and performance. The furnaces are quieter, offer more precise temperature management, and perform better at higher elevations. All campers with furnaces and, or water heaters will now be equipped with a Truma VarioHeat furnace and Truma AquaGo Comfort water heater. 

Automatic Roof Lifting:

Two new optional roof lift assist products enable customers to automatically raise their roofs. A heavier roof makes it more challenging for some to manually lift. The new lift assists are a solution for users with a combination of roof racks, solar panels, roof vents, air conditioners, storage boxes, surf boards, sups, canoes, and kayaks. For customers with campers, one of the new lift assist products comes with a kit that includes the required parts, how-to installation instructions, and a how-to install video link. Installation can be done by a FWC dealer or by the camper owner. 

four wheel campers, fwc, po top campers,

Rooftop Air Conditioning:

In some US regions, there is a need for AC to make summer camping more enjoyable. Now, the combination of lithium batteries and a new light and efficient Nomadic Cooling X2 AC product, make optional rooftop AC a reality. AC is now available on 90% of camper models. 

Underbed Storage:

A popular feature of Flat-bed camper models, optional underbed storage, is now available for Slide-in camper models. The underbed storage adds welcomed space of 72” wide X 58” long X 4” deep. In addition to the enhanced space, the underbed storage delivers an aesthetic improvement to the camper extension over the truck cab. Also, the extended cabover length translates to a reduction in the slide-out portion of the bed. This means the slide-out bed doesn’t consume as much camper living space. Lastly, on models with underbed storage, the interior height increases from 6’6”to 6’10”, adding to the already spacious feel inside the camper. 

UnderbedStorage fwc, FWC, Four wheel campers, pop top campers,

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