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The Arkto Campers G12 is a well-rounded overland travel trailer, combining rugged durability, innovative features, and exceptional comfort and quality. With an all-composite construction, hot dip galvanized chassis for extensive rust resistance, and independent suspension with 21 inches of ground clearance, this trailer is built to conquer rough terrains with ease. Equipped with 17” alloy wheels, 33″ all-terrain tires and a 360-degree articulating off-road coupler, it ensures a secure and smooth towing experience in most terrains, allowing you to reach your favorite camp spots effortlessly.

Arkto G12 trailer, overland trailers, overland, overlanding, off-road trailers,


Inside, the G12 offers a deceivingly spacious interior with a hybrid-style pop-up roof design, aluminum cabinetry with plenty of storage space, and an adjustable dinette table and seating area. The sleeping arrangements consists of a 6” thick residential queen mattress (80” x 60”), and a 64” long bench which can then be extended to the single seat, to accommodate two children. Which means this compact trailer can help build awesome camping memories for a family of 4! 

Arkto G12 trailer, overland trailers, overland, overlanding, off-road trailers,


Outside, the trailer features one of the most functional outdoor kitchens on the market. There is no need to haul tote bins to store all the dry goods and pots/pans, as the kitchen features a massive outdoor-accessible pantry. The slide-out kitchen features a folding countertop extension, sink with hot/cold water, dual burner stove, and spice and cutlery drawers. On the other side of the u-shaped kitchen, past the fold down prep deck, is a slide out 75 Liter chest fridge/freezer. The entirety of the kitchen is covered by a large 270-degree awning, with the optional walls to be zipped in, providing excellent coverage from the elements, enhancing your outdoor living experience.

Arkto G12 trailer, overland trailers, overland, overlanding, off-road trailers,

With a hybrid-style design, pop-up roof, an optional insulated canvas, and an interior standing room of 6’8″, the G12 offers flexibility and comfort during your camping trips. Additionally, it includes an indoor and outdoor-accessible portable toilet, an outdoor shower enclosure, and the largest storage capacity in its class, ensuring maximum convenience throughout your adventures.

Upgrade your camping experience with the Arkto Campers G12—a rugged travel trailer equipped with top-notch running gear, class-leading storage, a super functional outdoor kitchen, and unmatched comfort for unforgettable journeys into the wild.

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