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Looking for rugged and quality built storage gear to support your next adventure, then check out the following functional and stylish gear from Radius outfitters.


Gear Box 5500


These camp storage boxes are truly unique, and the largest size from RADIUS OUTFITTERS is the perfect in-vehicle storage for just about anything. Whether it’s dry goods, kitchenware, electronics, bike gear, or your tequila collection, the insides are customizable so that you can configure them to whatever you’re storing. The quilted sides keep everything quiet so that gear isn’t rattling around when you hit that bumpy road. With 55 liters of storage capacity, this largest size makes staying organized a whole lot easier. Two other sizes are also currently available.

These storage boxes are also incredibly strong, stackable, and we often use them as chairs. It’s the smaller details too that make them stand out from other cases. They’re comfortable to carry with genuine leather handles, there are external pockets for things like sunscreen, batteries, dog leash, or anything else you might need more often, and the lid is removable for even easier access when you’re at camp. Worried about them sliding around? There are aluminum D-rings for lashing them down, and velcro strips on the bottom to keep them secured to carpeted vehicles.

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Hanging Trash Tubes

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We try to limit the amount of trash we produce on a trip, but not everything is burnable, compostable, or recyclable. And even with recyclables, you need a way to store them until you find a drop-off. If you’re still using a plastic shopping bag for trash or recycling when you’re on the road, there’s another way. These Seatback Trash Tubes from RADIUS OUTFITTERS are incredibly functional, durable, and also look really nice. The clever full-length zipper makes unloading it a breeze, so you’re not fighting it out the top when it’s overstuffed. If you don’t have a seatback available, due to passengers or limited space, they have molle attachments and long tether straps to hang from just about anywhere. The materials and construction are top notch, giving you confidence they will last a long time.

These hanging trash tubes keep things tidy and looking nice in any vehicle and at camp. The retention ring at the top keeps the liner bag in place until you’re ready to unload it from the bottom. Most folks opt for the large size (8-gallon capacity) which is ideal for bulkier items and larger groups, but if you’re trying to fit it into a tighter space, plan on unloading it more often, or just have small items, then the small size (4-gallons) is right for you.

MSRP: $109 to $144 (price includes optional bamboo lid) BUY HERE


Heavy Duty Gear Totes

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Sometimes you need bulkier gear on a trip, or just need to pack & haul a bunch of smaller camping gear quickly, and these Heavy-Duty Tote Bags from RADIUS OUTFITTERS are in a class of their own. If you’ve never owned a tote bag, or know you should upgrade, these are worth a look. Built to be tossed around, you’ll be amazed how much gear fits into the large size and the small is our favorite everyday bag. The bottom is a solid molded piece, keeping the tote upright and making it easy to slide it around. Everything from the bartack stitching to the canvas outer material ensures that this bag will be around for a long time.

These carryall tote bags are perfect for hauling firewood, beach stuff, jackets & clothing, bike gear, laptops, groceries, bedding, and more. The interior is white, making it easier to find things quickly, and wipeable if you’re using it to haul muddy boots. There are also multiple pockets for smaller items like phone & wallet, lighters, sunscreen & sunglasses, first aid & medications, playing cards, and whatever else you might need on your adventure, at camp, or in your day-to-day.

MSRP: $119 – $149 BUY HERE


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