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TAP sits down Behind the Wheel with Scott Chisholm, Founder and Chief Experience Officer of That Moto App (TMA).

That Moto App

Why develop an app? Isn’t the space already busy?

We’re not what most people would think of as traditional app developers. We’re programmers who have been working on one big web application for businesses for over 15 years. It’s called DATS. In DATS, we also tack on simple apps so people can take the bigger application out into the field on their phones and get into areas without internet connectivity.

And no, the moto space is not busy. There is still a lot of space for exciting ideas done better, new combinations of ideas that better match what people need, and completely novel ideas seen nowhere else.


What is That Moto App?

That Moto App is an online community for moto enthusiasts. Our functionality applies to many types of motos; however, our current focus is dual-sport motorcyclists, adventure bikers, and overlanders.

The modules that we have released include the Garage to house and manage your motos, the Journal to record your adventures, the Events Module to find and follow moto events, and the Buddy system to find and follow fellow adventurers with similar interests.


With such a wide scope, how do you serve up the right content to your members?

Before we started to develop TMA, we downloaded and subscribed to every related app we could find. We did not want to put our hard-earned money in harm’s way if we could find anybody doing what we felt needed to be done. The biggest lesson that we learned is that apps that try to have a broad scope clutter their member experience with a whole bunch of stuff that the average user does not want to see. That’s when we came up with the concept of the Master Filter, which is where people tell the entire application that they love ‘this type’ of moto and adventure style, and others just aren’t their bag right now.

The bottom line is that the entire application adapts to what a member expresses as their interest, and none of this is left up to some behind-the-scenes algorithm.

Is TMA a Social Media Platform?

Yes and no. It can be if you want it to be, or you can lock it down, so it is mostly just a tool that you use. And of course, the only content you will find inside is moto related.


You mentioned The GPS Exchange when we first chatted. That’s a big idea. Are you able to give us your elevator pitch?

The GPS Exchange, That Moto App, TMA,

Sure! The GPS Exchange is an online marketplace that allows people to buy, sell, lease, or just share GPS adventure packages. We’ve built in a bunch of geeky features that 1) Protect Creators with Big Assets, 2) Enable New Explorers to Get Out and Explore, 3) Enhance the Safety of Adventures Through Effective Communication, and 4) Promote the Continual Improvement of Every Adventure Package.

What is your biggest fear as you build TMA?

I know that The GPS Exchange is going to be hot. 95% of the people will think it is amazing. It will open a whole new world of exploration for them. Safer and more predictable adventures. Heck, even if you are looking for dodgy trails, we’ll serve them up, with a suitable difficulty rating, of course.

What about the other 5%

There is a small but vocal group of people who don’t want their areas to be enjoyed by others. I have always found this to be interesting as these same people don’t have any reservations about their own personal travel and exploring other zones.

I think there are some legitimate concerns though. For example, some routes may not be able to handle much added attention. Perhaps the trail is not well constructed or is on terrain that is inherently susceptible to damage. 

What is Sidecar by TMA?

Sidecar is our smartphone app that provides simple navigation support and select important functionality when internet connectivity is deep in the rear-view mirror. It’s also an integral part of That Moto App GPS Exchange, how we protect the assets of the route creators, and how we help ensure that adventuresome people always have the most current version of the route that they are following.


Why can’t people get in without an Access Code? That just seems weird to us.

That is odd, right? It all starts with a philosophy. We prefer to revenue share with small businesses and individuals rather than buy advertising with monster platforms. Being a technology company, we decided to create our own unique path. You literally cannot get into TMA, even as free member, without an access code.

How can TAP’s readers get in and look around?

Every TMA account comes with an access code so you can refer your homies. Your folks are invited to come check us out!

To enter the APP CLICK HERE and use this access code TwistyOnion720  

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