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The all new, high performance suspension kit for Sprinter 2500/3500 4WD/AWD camper vans from VanUP

In 2024 VanUp released the all new VanUp x King Shocks Sprinter Adjustable Suspension Upgrade Kit – one of the best, highest performance suspension kits out there. They collaborated with King Shocks, the leader in off road shock technology, to bring to you a suspension upgrade kit that will take your Sprinter camper van to new heights of performance, comfort and capability. 

Before we even go into the technical details of this kit I just want to put it out there that when you test drive a camper van with this suspension kit you’ll feel the difference right away – no matter how much you know about suspensions. On-road you’ll experience a lot better handling behind the wheel, a softer, smoother ride, more sway control and less body roll. Off-road you’ll get better handling on any variety of terrain. 

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These kits have all the top-of-the-line performance features you’d want in a high-end package: 2.5 front and rear coilovers with adjustable ride height and advanced shock absorption, clicker adjustments to easily soften and stiffen your ride, and external finned “piggyback” reservoirs for increased oil capacity and heat dissipation. They’re fully rebuildable, serviceable, and tunable, so you won’t ever have to throw them away or buy another kit again. 

2.5 coilover shocks, VanUp, xKing Shocks Sprinter, Van Life, Sprinter van, sprinter shocks, Sprinter suspension upgrades,

Features include: 

  • Bolt-on performance. 
  • Adjustable ride height. 
  • Large 2.5” shock bodies increase fluid capacity for smoother, cooler running shocks. 
  • Front and rear coilovers with advanced shock absorption 
  • Clicker adjustments to fine tune your ride: soften and stiffen your suspension to match your driving preferences, terrain conditions, and van load. With a simple, integrated clicker you can adjust your compression and rebound. Fine-tune as often as you like. 
  • Fully rebuildable, serviceable, and tunable so you’re making a one-time investment.
  • External finned “piggyback” reservoirs dramatically increase fluid capacity, heat dissipation, and provide sustained damping performance even under the most punishing conditions. 
  • Wide Range Compression Adjuster that allows for precise compression damping adjustment to further refine your ride quality. 
  • Built from the same quality materials and to the same precise tolerances as King’s top of the line Pure Race series shocks. 
  • Factory tuned for optimal ride quality.  Designed and manufactured in the USA 
front coilover shocks, VanUp, xKing Shocks Sprinter, Van Life, Sprinter van, sprinter shocks, Sprinter suspension upgrades,

If you’re looking for a very capable, high end suspension kit I’d choose King’s. With advanced shock absorbers, clicker adjustments, easy rear load weight adjustment, superior build quality and all the other features we talked about, there’s really no comparison.

The VanUp x King Shocks Suspension Kit is available online CLICK HERE

For any questions about the suspension kit please call 888.505.9070 and one of VanUp’s knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you out. 

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