Deltawing 90 degree AWNING, Ironman4x4, overlanding, overland awning,
DeltaWing 90 degree awning

The DeltaWing 90 Degree Awning provides a simple and affordable blackout shade designed in 3 different sizes to accommodate any rig!

90-DEGREES OF COVERAGE: Designed to roll out to cover a specific side of your vehicle, trailer, or RV with multiple sizes to choose from. This is a great option to fit your rig and setup no matter how big or small.

Deltawing 90 degree AWNING, Ironman4x4, overlanding, overland awning,

EASY ROLLOUT SET-UP: Simply roll out, set up the support poles, and anchor down with the included guy lines: an easy, affordable, instant solution for an awning.

BLACKOUT SHADE: Blackout coating provides stronger UV protection and less heat penetration to help keep cool on hot summer days.

INTEGRATED LIGHTS: Integrated LED lights for nighttime use. These lights can easily be powered with a USB plug and are dimmable with 3 different lighting modes.

MSRP: From $199

To learn more about the DeltaWing 90 degree awning CLICK HERE


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