Featured Product: Last week TAP was lucky enough to connect with the EC crew and get a sneak peak walkthrough of the exciting and long awaited EarthCruiser TERRANOVA. An impressive new Overland Adventure Vehicle and we hope to spend a night or two in the coming months, putting it through its paces. As always with EarthCruiser, attention to detail, thoughtful design and an impressive build quality abound in the Terranova. Below is what we know so far, with details of a Live Social Media Event April 30th and also a chance to WIN your very own EarthCruiser Terranova!



Adventure Without Compromise with the EC Terranova Expedition Vehicle by EarthCruiser

Unparalleled design and engineering by overlanding experts to deliver optimal performance, comfort, and safety

EarthCruiser, a globally recognized leader in expedition vehicles, introduces the EC Terranova Expedition Vehicle, a 4×4 all-season over-cab expedition vehicle that delivers adventure without compromise in a lifestyle vehicle to fit all of your needs. The EC Terranova is available on a Ford one-ton chassis with Chevy and Dodge options coming in 2022. The EC Terranova is purposefully designed for multi-function living and unyielding in its ability to perform in town or on the most rugged terrain, opening up endless possibilities. At EarthCruiser, we know that the adventure doesn’t have to end when the road does.

“The EC Terranova is the culmination of years of expedition experience and field testing across the globe.  We used this hard earned knowledge to create an incredibly capable, well-designed over-cab expedition vehicle on a domestic one-ton chassis, something already proven, familiar and accessible to consumers, and that can be serviced with ease” said Chad Knight, GM of EarthCruiser. “We focus on capability and function without compromise and that includes the living quarters, which were purposefully designed to be multi-functional for today’s explorers. We wanted to create a home you want to live in, not beside. The EC Terranova is the perfect exploration partner for any outdoor enthusiasts seeking to live and travel unbound, without sacrificing performance, comfort or livability.”



Made like a racing yacht. Fiberglass and marine grade materials will stand up to years of rough trails and are easily cleaned. The camper chassis is mounted to the vehicle chassis with EarthCruisers proprietary mount system to ensure stability and durability.

EarthCruiser’s foam core composite construction, and multi-layer curtain provide unparalleled protection against the elements, keeping the heat in, or out, all four-seasons. EarthCruisers are designed to perform in the world’s most extreme climates, ensuring comfort in all temperatures and conditions, allowing you to work or relax in comfort and safety.


EarthCruiser Terranova looks tough and delivers. Because of our years of design experience, we are able to fit all required systems and a generous living space into a sleek, aerodynamic design. This avoids the bulky, boxy look of other “expedition” vehicles in the market. The smaller house and lighter weight of the EarthCruiser Terranova allows for greater acceleration and better performance on the highway and easily tows a boat, trailer, or toy hauler. The 4×4 capability and suspension ensure comfort on rugged terrain.

Interior living space is designed to maximize space, comfort, and usability and borrows field tested functionality from our products that have been proven in extreme remote situations all over the world. Specific highlights include:

“The Loft”: Roomy 360-degree Over-cab Sleeping Space

  • Catch vista views while relaxing in “The Loft”. Gone are days of feeling cramped and bumping your head on the ceiling. “The Loft” was designed to be comfortable, functional, and a place you want to hang out.
  • A wall-to-wall Queen mattress with flexible sleeping configurations provides ample room to stretch. A clever flip-down feature with countertop bumpers adds 9-12 inches to sleep lengthwise and skip the middle-of-the-night crawl-over.
  • The iconic pop-up roof found on EarthCruiser EXP was replicated with EC Terranova to provide added height with an expandable roof, something most over-cab campers can’t do. This roof was engineered for higher-than-average head-clearance so people up to 6 foot 5 can stand in the hallway, and sit up in bed, comfortably.
  • The triple-layer curtain includes 8 windows which provide a 360-degree panoramic view, and include insect, privacy screens and clear vinyl protective layers. No locks or latches are required to raise or lower the roof.
  • “The Loft” also features power stations, ambient reading lights, and small discrete cubbies to tuck key bed-side items.

Multi-Function Lounge Area: A Re-imagined Dinette

  • There is increased demand to work and live on the road so our re-imagined dinette space features leather cushions and integrated storage to provide ample room for working remote, entertaining, dining, or hanging out with a board game.
  • Horseshoe shaped seating fits 4 adults and one child seat comfortably.
  • The table is designed with an adjustable standard table leg with track sliders to support a range of positions. The table adjusts up and down, forward and back, to give the ideal orientation for how you’re using the space.
  • The area also converts into additional sleeping, creating a 76-inches long bed.

New Floor Design: Clever Form and Function

  • The EC Terranova features a raised floor that creates additional storage options and an ergonomic step-up design (15.87” for dinette step-up).
  • The space is double-utilized for additional gear storage and plumbing components for easy access to the pump from inside the truck.

Movable Storage Stairs: Discrete and Helpful

  • Ladders to over-cab sleeping areas can be bothersome and awkward in small spaces which is why we designed stairs that double as drawer assemblies for storage.
  • Drawers can pull out to be steps to reach “The Loft” or pushed back flush with the cabinet.
  • The step drawers are blended into the cabinet with the top drawers functioning as normal drawers and the bottom two drawers with reinforced pop-out boxes with textured lids for anti-slippage, such as with socks.

“Every EarthCruiser product is designed, developed and hand built, by a team of enthusiasts that bring years of true overlanding experience to every inch of product construction. Experiences in Mongolia, through the jungles of Borneo, and across the Australian outback influence every panel, latch, door location, storage compartment, and system redundancy,” said Lance Gillies, Founder of EarthCruiser.

EC Terranova Expedition Vehicles start at $289,000 with financing available. Learn more about EC Terranova Expedition Vehicle: https://earthcruiser.com/vehicles/terranova/.


Meet some of the EarthCruiser crew that helped design and build the EC Terranova and get a closer view of what we’ve been working on for 18 months. Key event details:

When: Friday, April 30th at 12pm PT / 3pm ET

Where: EarthCruiser social channels (available on YouTube afterward)

EarthCruiser YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF0UuGWo1XK68wMF7oXdOvw
EarthCruiser Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/earthcruiser/
EarthCruiser Facebook Live: https://www.facebook.com/earthcruiseroverlandvehicles


During the livestream, we’ll also be revealing a new Omaze sweepstakes offering one lucky winner the chance to win one of the first EC Terranovas. We’re teaming up with the online fundraising platform Omaze to offer one lucky winner one of the first vehicles available to the public.

Fans can enter for their chance to win beginning April 30th at Omaze.com/Terranova. Every donation supports the incredible work of First Descents, which provides life-changing outdoor adventures for young adults impacted by cancer and other serious health conditions.

EarthCruiser fans can use promo code TERRANOVA150 when checking out to receive 150 extra entries. Tune into the livestream to learn more and visit Omaze.com/Terranova for full rules.


About EarthCruiser
EarthCruiser USA (https://earthcruiser.com/) designs, engineers and manufactures the world’s most accomplished overland adventure vehicles based in gorgeous Bend, Oregon. We are a company built on integrity and the pursuit of relentless quality and innovation in everything we do which is reflected in our world-class products.


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