Winter is Coming and we’re excited to try out these new Expeditionary Gloves from Beyond Clothing. Here’s a sneak peak of their new range and we’ll be giving a full TAP Trail Tested review after a Winter Snow Camp Expedition planned for January.


Guide Glove Lite $95

Guide Glove Lite

This Beyond Clothing glove combines tough protection and solid range of motion. Articulated leather palms and pre-curved fingers optimize grip, shape, and functionality. Breathable softshell backsides and adjustable wrist guards ensure full flexibility. Softshell backsides and adjustable wrist cuffs provide ease of motion and breathability, ensuring a snug fit throughout adventures.

Guide Glove – $135

Guide Glove

The Guide Glove is built for durability, warmth, and capability. PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation with Cross Core™ Technology fuses time-tested PrimaLoft Gold with Aerogel, to deliver exceptional thermal protection at a light weight. Wool-blend lining rounds out the warmth retention and adds next-to-skin comfort, while pre-curved fingers with e-tips at the index and thumb retain dexterity. Genuine French leather, knuckle guards, and suede nose wipes round out the features. Drum-dyed cowbelly leather palms provide lasting durability, tough protection, evenly absorb oils, and easily mold into the optimal shape. The Guide features heavier leather coverage and more powerful warmth retention than the Lite. Ideal for winter sports and expeditions.

Trek Glove System $120

Trek Glove System

This is a two glove system, these adapt to your needs with a modular two-layer approach. The first layer, a lean work glove, keeps your hands protected and nimble for working on a variety of tasks. The second layer, a removable outer shell, features PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Eco for extra warmth when needed. And with both layers able to pack down into an included stow bag, these Beyond Clothing gloves are ready for all the weather and tasks that could come up on an adventure.  

And finally, Beyond Clothing has their own Bee Balm to treat the leather of these gloves. Beeswax blended with natural, softening oils including eucalyptus, avocado, lavender, and vitamin E works to nourish, rejuvenate, and protect leather.

Looking after your expensive winter gloves