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If you’re looking for affordable, collapsible overhead van storage, look no further. For years, TOURIG has been making a complete line of window covers and storage solutions for camper vans. And this Spring they launched a new storage solution that’s unlike any others out there. These new soft cabinets are not just versatile and affordable – but compatible in almost any van! DIY’ers, Storyteller and Revel owners, and all other van owners: this is the perfect solution for you! For just $250 you can get a good looking, lightweight soft cabinet that provides the structure you need to hold anything from gear to clothes to non-perishables. The cabinet itself has left and right side front zippers that allow you to easily open the front panel to access the storage chamber, and side panels that provide structural integrity. The front panel also has magnets that allow you to keep the front panel closed even when it’s not zipped (allowing you to easily access storage contents without having to zip and unzip each time).. 

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When you need the overhead space and don’t need the storage, simply collapse the side panels and fold the back side flush against the wall of your van (secured with a snap) and voila! – your cabinet is stowed out of the way. (Revel owners: these work perfectly in the bunk area. You can raise the bed with these cabinets in use, which allows you to still access storage underneath the bed with these in place. Two cabinets fit side by side on both the passenger and driver side of the van.)

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TOURIG makes two models of these cabinets: the Sprinter model has a slightly curved back panel that lays flush against the upper walls of the van, and the Universal model has a flat back and can be mounted to any flat surface – making it usable in just about any van.

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Easily mount each cabinet to any wall of your van with just six screws (included) that fit in the three upper and three lower screw holes that are located on the wall-facing side of the cabinet (no L track needed!). 

This is the perfect lightweight and functional upper cabinet for any van. For versatility, durability, construction, and price, you can’t find a better option for a storage cabinet out there. 

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Collapsible Overhead Van Storage Pros:

  • Fits any van with a flat surface 
  • Collapsible design is easy to stowe against the wall (folds flat with a snap closure – to mount flush against wall)
  • Lightweight (under 3 lbs)
  • Extremely durable marine grade fabric (holds >30lbs)
  • Solution dyed material doesn’t fade
  • Eco-friendly construction
  • No glues or adhesives (nothing is bound together in a way that could break down over time)
  • No off-gassing materials 
  • Installs in just minutes
  • Mounts to wall with 6 screws (included
  • Made in the USA

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