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Attention Roof Top Tent overlanders!

Christmas/Hanukkah is coming soon and it’s time to tell your loved ones what’s on your holiday wish list.  Check out these two pieces of roof top tent accessories that we think are a great idea. The Shoe Hammock keeps your shoes outside the tent, but within reach and the Gear Loft is just that, an attachable “loft” that holds all of your “in-tent” necessities. Put these goodies on your list and then go….. TAP into Adventure!

The Roof Top Tent Shoe Hammock
A great way to keep dirty shoes out of the tent and convenient to grab. Could be used to hold a wide range of items. Made in the USA!

– Made from polyester mesh fabric
– Has a 34″ x 14″ footprint
– Attaches to slide-in hangers via end straps and bar slides.  Can also be attached to footmen loops on plywood platform tent units.

No muddy/sandy shoes in the tent
Located right behind the top of your ladder.

The roof top tent Gear Loft
Provides quick to grab, off-the-floor storage space while camping. Keeps a wide range of lightweight gear organized and easy to find. Made in the USA!
– Made from polyester mesh fabric
– Has a 21″ x 28″ footprint
– Attaches to bows via end straps and bar slides.

Handy storage area
Handy storage area

To order visit www.top-tent.com/accessories

What’s your favorite camping/overlanding accessories? Let us know in the comment section below.

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