Trail Trailer, overland trailer, off-road trailer,
Trail Trailer, off-road trailer, overland trailer,

The Trail Trailer MOD is the ultimate campsite companion. Boasting best-in-class ground clearance, with a unique modular design, the MOD can be built to meet many users’ unique needs. is your premier destination for innovative, versatile trailers designed for the modern explorer. Whether you’re a solo adventurer or a family looking to escape the ordinary, our unique MOD series trailers are here to transform your outdoor experiences. Starting at $3,900, each model is engineered for seamless adaptability to a myriad of activities, from serene kayaking journeys to exhilarating mountain biking trails.

Trail Trailer, overland trailer, MOD, off-road trailer,

Our MOD series trailers, suitable for utility terrain vehicles to small and full-size passenger vehicles, are not just any trailers. They are a testament to our commitment to quality, functionality, and sustainability. Equipped with features such as multiple wheels and tire size options, LED turn and brake lights, a tongue stabilizer jack, and a pioneering Timbren axle-less suspension, these trailers are built to withstand the rigors of the great outdoors while providing unmatched comfort and convenience.

Trail Trailer, overland trailer, MOD, off-road trailer,

At Trail Trailer, we understand that adventure is not one-size-fits-all. That’s why we offer customizable options to fit your specific needs, ensuring that you have the perfect base camp for any adventure. Our trailers are more than just a means to carry your gear; they are a gateway to exploring the unexplored, creating memories that last a lifetime, and reconnecting with nature in ways you never thought possible.

Trail Trailer, overland trailer, MOD, off-road trailer,

Don’t let another adventure pass you by. Experience the freedom to explore the great outdoors with ease, comfort, and a minimal environmental footprint.

To discover more about our MOD series trailers and start planning your next adventure today. Your journey begins here!

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