Susan Bodnar Moose on the loose 1
Susan Bodnar Moose on the loose 1

The following photo journal of the Moose on the Loose Overland Expedition was submitted by Susan Bodnar, avid 4 wheeler and adventurer, EMT, Founder of Jeep Girls Rock! on FB and employee at OK4WD. She participated in the event this summer and passed this on to us to share with you.  NorthEast Overland puts on the Moose on the Loose event every year and they are planning two in 2017. Read what Susan has to say about this epic overland journey and  TAP into some East Coast Adventure!

Moose On The Loose is a four day, three night Navigational Land Challenge put on by NorthEast Overland that covers approximately between 270 and 400 miles. This was its 3rd Year and they had us traversing through Northern Maine and New Hampshire. We started the trip off at Pittston Farm in Rockwood ME with fifteen other Teams (2 vehicles per team) to meet, have dinner together and to be given a destination for the following day.  This is how the entire expedition was structured. The staff would meet with each team in the evening to go over the next day’s journey. We were given a “suggested route” but many teams chose to map out their own. NorthEast Overland mandates that participants use (paper) maps, compasses and every bit of navigational expertise that they have at their disposal to make it to each days campsite. In addition to the destination point, we were also given “challenge locations” and scenic picture areas where, if we took pictures and presented them to staff at the end of the day, we were given a chance to win prizes at the end of the trip. Some teams rode alone.  My team, which was Team 41, rode with two other teams, Team Discovery and Team Captain Black. My co-driver and navigator was Donna Burrell  and our chief navigator, who lead our group, was my teammate Mike Kelly. Camping was point to point style every night.

The terrain was beautiful and the journey was amazing and extremely challenging. There was no cell phone service, no gas stations, stores or creature comforts along the way. We depended on our teams for everything. The vehicles that attended varied from Jeeps to Toyotas to Rovers all the way to a full-size F250. Due to the remoteness of this trip, we had carefully packed everything from camping supplies, spare parts, food, fuel, emergency items and recovery tools.  From here on I’ll let the pictures tell the story. Enjoy and join us in 2017 for the next Moose On The Loose….

Some participants really got into the spirit.
Our group of 3 teams at Holeb Pond in Maine. Team minimum is 2 vehicles on the trails. Some people go in packs. We all rode together the entire trip. Left to Right: Danny Miller- JK 2door, Jordan Handy- Toyota Tacoma, AJ Kania- Orange Disco with Alex Brown as co-driver, Pete Ferris with wife Ashley Ferris- 4 door JK, Susan Bodnar- 2 door 2011 JK with Donna Burrell as co-driver, Mike Kelly- 4 door JK. Murphy made sure the line-up looked good.
Team 41 and Team Discovery (Jordan Handy’s Taco). James Baroud on my rig, Smittybuilt on the Taco and Oztent on the ground. Note the Maxtrax. Absolutely essential for this journey. The mud we encountered was epic.
moose on the loose
PJ Schembri and Carl Voltaggio crawling through a rock pile that was made when the road was cleared. Because of the nature of the pile, they had to run a specific path to avoid 4′ drops, trees and stumps. Carl and PJ spotted each other, with another participant spotting their trailers. Recovery straps were used on the trailers to keep them from rolling over the more extreme sections. Photo: Gregory Auger
Jordan Handy of team Discovery in Maine on a challenge trail.
James Baroud Evasion rooftop tent. Supplied for the expedition by OK4WD.
Bodner thumping on a challenge trail in New Hampshire
Me on a challenge trail in New Hampshire.
















Assisting with a recovery. Deep mud caught the Disco.
Deep in New Hampshire with Team Discovery behind me. AJ Kania in the Discovery and Jordan Handy in the Tacoma. This was a challenge trail.
One of the “scenic picture areas”:  A treasure along the way.
Team work on a challenge trail.
Part of the expedition was travelled on logging roads.
Mud tires….literally.  Danny Miller making his way through.
Challenge trail, Maine.


















AJ Kania from team Discovery in Maine
Mike Kelly in Maine








Our campsite in Maine. Team 41. Mike Kelly's JKU and my JK
Our campsite in Maine. Team 41. Mike Kelly’s JKU and my JK.

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Thanks to:

Chris Woodcock and Jareb Dyer: Founders of Northeast Overland
MOTL staff: Niall Johnson, Jason Hunt (Muffin), Mike Brown, Adam Welch, Greg Auger, Steve Booth, Scott Ackley
OK4WD: For providing the use of a James Baroud tent and their assist in upgrading the build on my rig for this expedition
Front Runner Outfitters: For providing the sleek yet rugged and versatile roof rack
James Baroud
Mike Kelly: Teammate and Founder of Wheelers LLC

photo credits: Mike Kelly, Susan Bodnar, Danny Miller, Jordan Handy, AJ Kania, Alex Brown, Pete and Ashley Ferris


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Editor: Lori Palmer

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