67D Feat Gear Art Summer 2022 Suction Cup copy
67D Feat Gear Art Summer 2022 Suction Cup copy

Everyone loves their 67 Designs phone holders in their daily driver and on the trail. Take them away when clients are in a rental car and customers report feeling lost without a trusted phone holder. Enter the new Suction Cup G2 Pack by 67 Designs. The setup is light, small and provides the premium quality materials and craftsmanship of this innovative American company. Travel smarter with 67 Designs.

Suction Cup G2 pack

About 67 Designs:

Established in 2012, 67 Designs has been particularly involved in the Jeep® and overlanding community for the past several years as the preeminent mounting solution. Per the request of customers, 67 Designs now offers products suitable for Jeep®, Ford, Ram, Land Rover, Toyotas, Nissan, Sprinter Vans and more. 67 Designs currently sells online, and their products are used across the globe and help enable the best adventures.

For more information:

WEBSITE: https://www.67d.com/

INSTAGRAM: @67.designs

TWITTER: @67designs

#####TAP Editor comment: American made and American Designed! Support 67Designs!#####

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