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Awnings are just what you need after a long day on the trail. Pull over, stake out your awning, set up your camp chairs and pop open a beverage! Awnings come in single pull out, 180 and 270 degree options and below are top brands in the overland category. Start your search for shade below.



Peregrine 270 with Kabari Lite Americana, awnings, overland awnings,

The 23 Zero Peregrine 270° Awning has a free-standing design that spans nearly 20ft along a vehicle offering an incredible amount of shelter and is the perfect roof rack awning choice for your overlanding or camping set up. Set-up and packed down can be done by a single person in under 60 seconds. 

It’s unique five-arm design is suitable for mounting on almost all 4WD vehicles and trailers including teardrop trailers with a rear kitchen galley and specifically liftgate opening rear doors will avoid metal-on-metal awning arm contact. 

The Peregrine series of awnings are made with our new sustainable ECO13B fabric which is 100% certified recycled 900D Polyester Oxford which is produced using recycled PET bottles. This fabric results in huge energy savings as well as significantly less petroleum and chemical use during fiber production – it’s good for the environment while getting you out in the environment – and continues to incorporate our revolutionary LST™ (light suppression technology) feature. 

Optional walls (two) are available, which, when erected, can provide up to 279 sqf of shelter around your vehicle making it ideal for both sun and rain protection. Measuring 88 inches when stowed, it is suitable for many mounting applications. Incorporating two integrated swing down pivoting telescopic legs and constructed with extruded box alloy rafters and cast alloy hinge mechanism, it weighs in at under 51lb. 

23 Zero offers driver’s side or passenger side deployment options and all awnings include mounting hardware for most cross-bar style roof racks, “L” shaped mounting brackets, three additional telescoping legs, guy ropes and stakes. 

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Do you love exploring the great outdoors in your vehicle but wish you had a more comfortable and convenient space to relax and enjoy the scenery? Look no further than Bundutec awnings! Our awnings are designed to fit any vehicle with a roof rack or flat mounting surface, and we offer three different types to fit your specific needs.

      Our awnings are made with durable and weather-resistant materials, ensuring they can withstand environmental conditions, from rain to sun to wind. The UV-resistant design protects against sun damage, and the waterproof capabilities keep you dry during unexpected showers. Plus, the BunduAwn is easy to deploy so that you can set it up quickly and efficiently, and it’s adjustable to different heights and angles to create a comfortable and shaded space.

      Not only is the BunduAwn compatible with various outdoor setups, including competitor Roof Top tents, vehicles, or even standalone applications, but it’s also designed to store tie-down ropes conveniently out of the way when not in use. With standard lengths of 8ft and 9ft 6, our awnings fit most rigs, but we can order a custom size for your rig if needed.

      Regarding quality and reliability, Bundutec awnings have been tested in South Africa’s extreme heat and monsoon season and in various conditions in the US, including snow, since 2014. Don’t settle for less for your outdoor experience – choose Bundutec awnings for the ultimate comfort and convenience on the road.

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