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Primitive camp area Coyote Creek Trail
GPSN37 21.69  W118 26.54
Elevation gain 4,400-10,800
Season April-November
Terrain dirt, sand
Difficulty easy to moderate
Required VehicleStock 4×4 with high clearance.
Time 2.5 hours each way
Length 16.2 unpaved

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Directions: From Bishop CA on US-395: go to the intersection of Main Street and West Line Street.  Go west on West Line Street for 2.6 miles.  Turn south on Reata Road and proceed straight on the paved road for about a mile. Turn right onto a graded dirt road at an unmarked intersection.  Go 3.9 miles down the road to the trail head at 5,716 ft.

views of sierras_coyote_creek_the_adventure_portal
Views of the Sierras from Coyote Creek Trail

Site Location and Description: Coyote Creek Trail is the main trail leading into a network of 4WD and ATV trails in the Eastern Sierras, just west of Bishop CA.  The trail starts off in Owen’s Valley, crosses BLM land then enters into Inyo National Forest.  The first 3.9 miles is an easy sand road that leads into a steep uphill switchback section that climbs more than 2,000 feet..  This section will be challenging for those without aggressive tires, high clearance, 4WD vehicles..  There are many primitive camping opportunities along the trail.  At 6.3 miles there is a picturesque campsite by the trail and creek.  Coyote Creek Trail passes by the Peterson Mill site where you can see the remnants of a couple of sheds.  This trail offers multiple, fantastic, primitive camping sites.  There is a split in the trail at GPS coordinate: N37 14.91  W 118 29.34, if you take a left, it leads to Coyote Flat trail. Coyote Creek Trail continues along the West Fork Coyote Creek in a narrow valley.  The terrain becomes rougher but is easily driven with 4WD and high clearance.  The trail ends above a small lake at a spectacular viewpoint.  This is a TAP recommended trail worthy of a few days of exploration and camping.

abandoned hunting lodge at end of trail

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