Overland expo 2016
Overland expo 2016

Another Overland Expo in the bag! This year the rain and snow held off and apart from some tempestuous winds, the annual Gathering of the Tribe-Overland Expo 2016 was a complete success. This was our second year and certainly the overall growth of the Overland Industry was obvious. More rigs of all shapes and sizes, more people joining the tribe and more smiles on faces! With over 170 classes and clinics, on site camping, daycare and a kids adventure area, Roseanne and Jonathan Hanson nailed it.

The following gives you a pictorial look at the many shapes and sizes of the tribe: Unimogs and Global Expedition Vehicles, classic Sportsmobiles and Sprinters, Overland Trailers and Roof Top Tents and minimalist Adventure Motorcycles all complete the picture. Whatever your passion or poison, this years Overland Expo fed our adventure addiction. We encourage all our readers to join with us next year.

Military grade Overland Expo 2016
Military grade overlanding Hummer
AEV Overland Expo 2016
AEV amongst the trees
Jeep Kitchen Overland Expo 2016
Convert the back of your jeep with Jeep Kitchen
Agile Vans Sprinter Overland Expo 2016
Agile Sprinter Van Off Road Conversions
CVT Overland Expo 2016
CVT Rooftop Tents
Mad Max Overland Expo 2016
“Mad Max Beast” Mobiles
Coyote Adventures Overland Expo 2016
John Marshall-Coyote Adventure Safari offers trainings and multi-day expeditions
Baroud- Overland Expo 2016
James Baroud RTT
Wilco Sprinter Swingout Overland EXPO 2016
Wilco – Single Sided Switch Gate designed for Sprinters
AT Taco Habitat Overland Expo 2016
Adventure Trailers Taco Habitat
Decked Overland Expo 2016
Decked: Storage solutions for the overlander
Defender love Overland Expo 2016
Defender love…sweet dreams are made of these
Adventure Motorcycles Overland Expo 2016
Choose your weapon- Adventure Motorcycles
our Wheel Campers Overland Expo 2016
Four Wheel Campers
Global adventure Overland Expo 2016
Global Adventure Vehicle
FUSO Overland Expo 2016
Maxtrax Overland Expo 2016
Maxtrax booth along side the EEXP
Moby 1 Jeep Teardrop Overland Expo 2016
Moby 1- Jeep Teardrop with an RTT
Overland Defender Overland Expo 2016
Overland Defender
Overland Expo 2016 Sign in
Expo sign-in area
Overland Life Overland Expo 2016
Overland Life
Robinson Fuso Overland Expo 2016
Robinson Fuso and their Traveling Adventures
Sportsmobiles Overland Expo 2016
A field of Sportsmobiles
Sprinter Overland Expo 2016
Tepui hard shell Overland Expo 2016
Tepui hard shell RTT
The Adventure Portal Overland Expo 2016
TAP getting to the Expo
Turtleback and 23Zero Overland Expo 2016
Turtleback Trailers and 23Zero RTT
Ural Overland Expo 2016
Wild Thing Overland Expo 2016
“Wild Thing”
Scout Overland Expo 2016


  1. Terrific show!! So many great things got added to my expanding wish list. Top items are now a bulletproof roof rack (Kongo cage?) and hinge steps from Kargo Master Safari and a sweet cooking setup from Jeep Kitchen. After that I may stay off the grid for a while and save up for more fun stuff. đŸ™‚

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