venu pic
venu pic

The “Gathering of the Tribe” of Overlanders once again came together this May 12-14,  for Overland Expo West. This year it was held at a new venue, Fort Tuthill County Recreation Park, in Flagstaff AZ.  Many of the people we spoke with felt the new venue created a less intimate and more commercial vibe than previous years, however it also provided must needed and ample room for vendors, demos and camping amid the pines. Hey change is inevitable as our little industry flourishes and in our opinion it was a great event. Here are some highlights of the show in the form of a photo journal.  This is simply meant to give you a taste of the weekend and a brief view of various products that were showcased.  We highly recommend you go check it out yourself in 2018, and TAP into Adventure!

Here are a few cool products that caught our eye:

The new Borah Wheel from AEV with it’s  beadlock or non-beadlock capability.

The Deadman Recovery Anchor:

overland expo
Aluminess new product: The Bike Rack Swinger.
wilco modular rack system
Wilco released it’s three part, ADV modular rack system.
tembo mini the adventure portal
The Tembo Tusk Mini Skottle, a backpack friendly version of their classic Skottle grill.
overland expo
The Kariba stove/shower combo; compact and functional.
overland expo
Tepui Tents released it’s “Zipper Gimp”which allows for an interchangeable canopy, making it easy to adapt from cold to warm weather.
trail kitchen
Trail Kitchen an impressive addition to any JKU

There was a vast array of Off-Road Trailers:

overland expo
Nuthouse Expedition Trailers
patriot campers
New from Australia, Patriot Campers
overland expo
The Turtlebacker: The ultimate combination of Turtleback Trailer‘s Expedition and a Toy Hauler.
conqueror trailers
Conqueror Trailers North America

“Eye Candy”-Expedition Vehicles:

turtle expeditions the adventure portal
Turtle Expedition: Husband and wife world travelers and bloggers.
beast_the adventure portal
A beautiful beast.
overland expo
Earth Cruiser :Overland expedition vehicles
roambilt the adventure portal
Roambuilt :Sprinter van conversions
global expedition vehicles
Global Expedition Vehicles: The name says it all.
overland expo
Four Wheel Pop Up Campers :we still miss ours.

Roof Top Tents as always were all the rage:

James Baroud
Treeline The Adventure Portal
Treeline Outdoors
overland expo
The James Baroud Discovery Series
Cascadia Vehicle Tents
overland expo
Conqueror Trailer RTT combination.

There were trainings all day every day and a multitude of round table discussions, areas to test drive vehicles, product discounts and much much more.  We encourage you to join the Tribe at Overland Expo 2018 and TAP into Adventure!


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