Nothing seems to say I’m a Vehicle Supported Adventurer more than rigs sporting a ROOF TOP TENTS (RTT). We’ve been using them on our rigs and trailers for years and have had great experiences with quite a few brands. They’re not for everyone, but what you lose in MPG, wind noise, and higher center of gravity, you gain in comfort, speed of set up and “overlanding status”. (We all know that looks count!) The following RTT Resource Guide does not reflect TAP’s personal preferences or opinions. It is simply a comprehensive look at what soft and hard shell styles and brands are currently on the market in the USA. If you’ve already read our Guide to buying a RTT and you’re now in the market to purchase one, then hopefully this will help your SEARCH.

Roof Top Tent Styles to look for:

  • Hard Shell Roof Top Tent: TOP Hard Shells – 23Zero Bundutec Roofnest Autohome Tuffstuff
  • Soft Shell Roof Top Tent
  • Hybrid Hard and Soft Shell Roof Top Tent


23 Zero:

Roof Top Tents

The team at 23ZERO are keen active outdoor enthusiasts with over 25 years experience in manufacturing quality affordable outdoor gear. With our team spread across the two most active countries in the world, Australia and the USA. We set out to use the knowledge we have gained over the years to make products that we would use, made to the high standard that we would expect.

Uniquely designed for extended adventures and years of comfort and use. The fabric is a 280GSM Ripstop Polycotton Canvas with LST® blocking over 90% of sunlight and reducing internal temps by over 12%. Multiple sizes available – 56”, 62”, 72” and 87”. Constructed with an alloy frame, all metal moving parts and an insulated floor. The extension over the ladder keeps you covered from the elements as you enter and exit. Most importantly, the attention to detail is what really makes a difference! 

23 ZERO WALKABOUT RTT (soft shell) Price Range $1,499 to $2,099

Roof Top Tents Tel: 855 875 7755 [email protected]



Roof Top Tents

The brand new, redesigned Roofnest Sparrow represents the culmination of everything Roofnest has learned about RTTs.

The new Sparrow features:
– Built-in gear storage area with storage bag included
– Solar panel mounting area
– 4″ more headroom
– Three bigger doors and windows with ladder mounts on all sides

This do-it-all roof top tent sleeps two adults and stores all your bedding inside the tent while traveling. The Sparrow is available in a 50″ wide version (The Sparrow), a 59″ wide version (The Sparrow XL), and a clamshell version called the Sparrow EYE (50″ wide). All three tents sleep two adults comfortably, and the Sparrow XL has enough room for a child (or your four-legged friend) as well. Elevate your camping game Starting at $2995

Roof Top Tents Tel: 303 872 6797 [email protected]



Roof Top Tents
Roof Top Tents

With decades of proven experience on every major continent, Eezi-Awn’s fabric tents have consistently outperformed the competition and set the industry’s benchmark for both durability and performance. Once again they’ve set another standard with the Blade–a matte black powder-coated, all-aluminum hard shell roof top tent. The Blade is a clamshell hinge design with two latches and the XKLUSIV Ladder, which comes with a built-in extension and stores cleanly inside the tent, as opposed to underneath it. In addition to the standard expectations, the Blade, albeit simplistic and compact, is still rich with features. Encased in the uniquely-shaped body is room for bedding storage. Upon opening, the walls of the tent are built from durable, rip-stop canvas with double entry privacy mesh panels, and both the roof and floor are insulated  to keep you comfortable throughout the night. Much of the appeal that comes from a hard shell roof top tent is the quick setup and takedown, and the Blade is no exception. A single person can quickly unclip only two latches and easily lift to open, then push down gently to close and lock. The full process takes only seconds to complete. Discover for yourself how legendary performance meets modern design in Eezi-Awn’s Blade.

Price: $3,950

Contact: [email protected] Tel: 8667031026



Roof Top Tents
Roof Top Tents

BundutecUSA is honored to continue bringing the US a genuinely rugged off-road Roof Top Tent. Put to the test in countries across the globe, the BunduTop is perfect for anyone looking for the ideal vantage point to enjoy the outdoors. In addition, this Unique, all-electric Roof Top Tent is the best option for anyone looking for a sleek and straightforward setup. 

Available in 3-sizes, the Standard and King tents are perfect for two adults, while the Super-king is excellent for a family if you have the real estate to mount it. All the BunduTops fit any rack on the market, from a simple 3-crossbar system to a full flat rack setup. No matter which size is best for you, it will come with 360-degrees of access and viewing along with 100% aluminum construction, providing a lightweight tent with maximum heat reflection in the hottest climates. Each tent also includes a 3” high-density form mattress, air circulation fan, Dual USB outlet, 12v Socket & LED Light. Standard with hook-ups for the addition of Roof Solar, this tent will genuinely let you go anywhere you are brave enough to travel. Never worry about finding a place to store your bedding between locations, as everything can be left right in the tent. Its SB50 Anderson plug connection makes opening and closing the tent as easy as pushing a button. Never spend time tucking in fabric or hassling with poles; this tent will quickly deploy and retract, including its built-in rainfly!

Price Range: $4,235 – $5,225 Tel 319 234 0071 [email protected]



Roof Top Tents
Roof Top Tents

The all-new ROAM Rambler Hardshell Rooftop Tent is made for the on-the-go adventurer. Its 4 stainless steel latches and gas struts make setting up easy and take less than 30 seconds to deploy. The custom-molded hardshell, patterned after the aesthetic of the widely loved Rugged Cases, gives it a look that is unlike any rooftop tent on the market. It doesn’t stop there. With a 2.75″ mattress you never have to leave the comforts of your home bed at home while still getting to camp in the places you love to go. 

  • Waterproof PU coated 280g poly cotton ripstop tent body fabric
  • Padded Gas Struts
  • Two Door Awnings
  • Two Panoramic Windows
  • 7.5’ telescopic ladder
  • 2.75” High-Density Foam Mattress
  • Insulated Base and Ceiling
  • Pull Down Closure Straps
  • Custom Hard Shell Design
  • Quiet Zippers
  • PU Window Zippers
  • Stainless Steel Latches
  • Machined Aluminum Badge

Price: $3.400


C6 Outdoors:

Roof Top Tents
Roof Top Tents

The all new Rev Tent is the lightest Roof Top Tent in the world and works on the ground and in the bed of pick-up trucks too. 

This game changing 2 person tent features a lush 4” mattress (the thickest RTT mattress available), true 4-Season top to bottom outer fly, and 4 screened “win-doors” for superior ventilation.  The Rev Tent is quality built to satisfy all types of campers and camping styles, perfect for weekend camping as well as end of the world expeditions. 

The Rev Tent is sold in 3 configurations:  Starting at $799, the 25 lb Rev Tent is ready to go for ground or pick- bed camping.   For vehicle top sleeping, the 25 lb Rev Rack Tent at $829 is the first roof top tent designed to mount directly to popular platform style roof racks 84” or longer by Front Runner, Yakima, Rhino and many more.  The Rev Roof Top Tent, at 86 lbs, is only $1299and works on top of most vehicles and mounts to load bars and roof racks.  Featuring modular components (tent, platform, ladder) that can easily be moved on and off the vehicle by 1 person, the Rev Roof Top Tent is not only the lightest Roof Top Tent in the world, it’s the only roof top tent that can also be effortlessly set up for camping anywhere at the camp site.  

Available in 5 different color styles, there’s a Rev Tent to fit all camp tastes.   

FREE Standard 1-2 day shipping to the lower 48 states.


Price: $799-$1359

Contact: [email protected]


Guana Equipment:

Roof Top Tents
Roof Top Tents

The Guana Equipment Wanaka 55″ roof top tent is now better than before. With the 2022 updates, this roof top tent has a diamond plate aluminum base in black, which is strong, study and nearly indestructible. The black color is better for insulation and hies potential scratches. Also, the corners and sides of the base are all black too, adding elegance to the design.  

The 600D polyester ripstop canvas makes it one of the best ones in the market. Add to that a rainfly with an inner silver coating for better insulation and less light passing through, and you’re well protected from any element. 

The materials are construction of the whole tent are great. The inner aluminum poles are 1” thick, much harder to bend and much sturdier. The brackets are all made of alloy, the mattress is hi density foam and 3” thick, and the entire design of the tent is smart. It has clear panels on all window awnings, to make sure even if you have the awnings open, you can have a better view around your tent.  

Finally, this roof top tent has the largest annex in the market for 55″ softshells, with 3 awning doors, to basically create a full camping setup, not just a tent but a whole setup for friends and family. It also includes an LED light strip, anti-condensation mat and 2 boot bags to make sure you have everything you need.

Price: $2249

[email protected]



Roof Top Tents
Roof Top Tents

James Baroud is a European company that is dedicated to manufacture top quality rooftop tents and awnings that are strong and safe enough withstand the most extreme weather conditions and still be the most practical product in the market.

Today you can find the James Baroud rooftop tents in more than 30 countries around the world, and they are leading products when it comes to quality and durability. More than twenty years of research, design, development and testing are behind every product of the brand catalog. Every year after hearing feedback from clients and even the team that use the products in their adventures, the company keeps making improvements and adding features to bring to the market the best possible product. 

The James Baroud rooftop tents are appreciated all over the world by generations of adventures. Whether you are an overlander or a family of weekend campers, you’ll find that the James Baroud tents fill your needs to the fullest. It’s not just for their top level quality, they are also comfortable thanks to its high density foam mattress; extremely resistant – UV reflective fabric and resistant to wind, rain, snow and heat; ultra-easy to use due to its quick setup – can be open and closed in less than 1 minute; compact design and lightweight, which makes it easy to install by two people and allow incredible views with its full 360º Panoramic windows with a mosquito net.

Price Range: $3,800 – $6,300



Roof Top Tents
Roof Top Tents

There’s nothing quite like leaving the busyness of civilization behind to sleep under the stars. But, just because you’re roughing it, doesn’t mean you have to sleep in the mud. If you’re heading into the backcountry with your rig, an Ironman 4×4 rooftop tent will certainly elevate your adventure—literally! Our hard- and soft-shell rooftop tents give you a space to sleep that is removed from the dirt and moisture of the ground, while offering additional protection against wildlife. Whether you’re in for a weekend campout or going on a long-term overlanding expedition, rooftop tents are a great way to improve your comfort.

Price Range: $1,299 – $2,999

Contact: (855) 476-5714 | [email protected]


Alternative Roof Top Tents:


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