overland tours

4×4 training and overland tours are the ideal way to learn about all your rig can do. Get Trained and your abilities and fun will exponentially grow. It’s not all about the rig, it’s about how to use the gear you’ve spent literally thousands on!


Badlands Off Road Adventures:

4x4 training and overland tours

Badlands Off-Road Adventures provides training clinics in which inexperienced SUV & 4-Wheel Drive (4WD) owners gain expertise required to safely and confidently negotiate their vehicle off-road. Tours through iconic SW landscapes are also available.

4x4 training and overland tours

Badlands Off Road Adventures: Tel: 310 613 5473


Off Road Safety Academy:

4x4 training and overland tours

Want to learn more about your 4-Wheel Drive vehicle? Want to improve your off-road driving skills? Interested in keeping you and your loved ones safe while off-roading? Off-Road Safety Academy™ will safely teach you in one weekend what it takes most people years to learn on their own. Off Road Tours are also available.

Off Road Safety Academy Tel: 909 844 2583


Four Points Adventures:

4x4 training and overland tours


Explore some of the most remote and dramatic landscapes in the Western United States in style…We provide everything you need for the Adventure of a lifetime!

he Four Points Adventure crew has extensive experience in the outback in order to provide you with a safe and memorable adventure. The safety of our guests and the protection of the wilderness are our top priorities. We have scouted each route in all types of weather and have extensive knowledge of the terrain. 4×4 training clinics are also available.

Four Points Adventures Tel: 510 912 8618 [email protected]


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