communication devices

Communication devices are an essential part of staying in touch with each other on the trail. Do your research thoroughly and decide what type is best for you, whether CB, FRS, GMRS, getting your HAM License or even a Satellite phone.

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What communication device is right for you



Communication devices

Communication devices

With 50-Watts of power, the MXT500 is the most powerful GMRS radio allowed by law. The MXT500 brings unprecedented range to farms, ranches, trails, and more. This radio utilizes 15 GMRS channels and eight high-powered repeater channels. Fit for all the elements, this radios IP66 waterproof rating means reliable communication in any environment. The MXT500 is narrow and wide band capable. 


Tel: 816 241 8500 [email protected]



Communication devices
Communication devices

The Iridium GO makes texting, calling, and using mail and web simple and easy. The Iridium GO works anywhere on earth as long as the unit can see the sky. Whether you are sailingfishing, hikingracing in baja the Iridium GO is the simple communication device solution.

Iridium Go Tel: 800 279 2366


  • Midland Radio In full disclosure, Midland has provided TAP with equipment for the past 3 years.


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