This category features brands that build rigs that are fully built for self sufficient luxury long term living and global travel.



EarthCruiser, a globally recognized leader in global expedition travel vehicles.

We’re happy to announce the release of the all-new 2020 Dual Cab EXP and FX overland expedition trucks. Taking your whole family to the ends of the earth in comfort has never been easier.

Our dual cab configuration is an extension of the already proven EXP and FX platform. By adding approximately 3 feet to the length of the vehicle, EarthCruiser has increased the passenger capacity, while maintaining the creature comforts and off-road capability that makes EarthCruiser the most accomplished world travel vehicle available. Seat 4 passengers comfortably with front and rear Scheelman captain chairs, and a completely redesigned center console. Additional rear seat and sleeping configurations are currently being designed, and will be released in the coming months.

With each dual cab you get a powerful 6.0 liter V8 Vortec gasoline fueled engine, Allison 1000 rugged duty transmission, Hero two speed transfer case, and Dynatrac Pro Rock 80 axles with integrated front and rear air lockers. As a result, you’ll have all the equipment required for your next family adventure. Tel: 541 706 9101


Nimbl Vehicles:


Nimbl was created by — and for — lifelong explorers. Our mission is to take you on journeys free from limitations — providing total independence with zero compromise. 

Agile yet sturdy, lightweight yet compact, minimal yet functional, our campers strike a matchless balance, allowing you to enjoy any vista on earth in safety and comfort. Some views have to be earned, and we’ve put in the work to help more adventurers find them.


Between good and extravagant, there’s Nimbl. Our purpose is to fill the chasm between small campers and large expedition vehicles. Every detail of weight, dimensions, and technology is customized for agility on the trail and long-term resistance to the elements. We value efficiency over luxury, while still giving our cabins the feeling of home.

The Nimbl Evolution is emblematic of our goals, and of the lessons from the road that have given our product its quality of build. Home is where your expedition takes you – unearthing adventure is our gift to you. Tel: 855 957 0507 [email protected]


Alternative Vehicles: