Eastern Sierras-mazourka beauty
Eastern Sierras-Summit of Mazourka Peak
GPS 36.8066      -118.2033
Elevation 3,800-9,400 ft
Season Best from April to November.
Terrain Graded to rougher
Difficulty Easy trail
Required Vehicle 2WD
Time 1.5 hrs
Length 20.4 miles one-way (16.1 miles unpaved)

Directions: Take I-395 north up to the town of Independence and the Inyo National Forest. The road to Mazourka Peak leaves the southern edge of Independence and crosses the Owens River Valley to enter Mazourka Canyon on the western side of the Inyo Mountains. It then travels up Al Rose Canyon to Badger Flats.

Eastern Sierras Mazourka Peak
Eastern Sierras Mazourka Peak View looking East

Site Location and Description: On leaving the I-395, you head east towards the Inyo National Forest. As you finish the paved section, you start to see the remains of past mining activity and the adventure begins. The trail up to Mazourka Peak isn’t particularly scenic until you cross over into Al Rose Canyon. At this point you leave the desert scrub and begin to enter slightly more lush high desert terrain.  At Badger Flats, it all makes sense. Great primitive camping opportunities exist amongst the pinyons and junipers, with views west to the Sierras. From Badger Flats you can explore higher to Mazourka Peak (fantastic view of the Owens Valley) where you will come to a communication tower and magnificent views , or continue on to more remote and rugged Papoose Flats.  In our opinion, getting a trailer to Badger Flats is easy and 4×4 is not required, however trailering to Papoose requires more nerve and experience and certainly a high-clearance 4×4 would make sense.  TAP Note: The 3 days we camped there leading up to 4th of July, we didn’t see a single person. Can be hot and dusty in summer months.

Mazourka Peak

camping at badger flats on Mazourka Peak
Primitive camping at Badger Flats on Mazourka Peak
communication tower Mazourka peak
Communication tower Mazourka peak

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